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Nickelback Appreciation Thread

Last posted Jan 19, 2014 at 06:56PM EST. Added Jan 19, 2014 at 12:12AM EST
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I LOVE NICKELBACK! They are the most awesome progrockgothgrunge band, like ever.

I first heard their music back in high school and danny john fred lead singer whatsisnames voice is like an ANGEL that took BREATH MINTS. I was instantly hooked on how awesome they are.

I bought all their albums and i love playing it really loudly from my car and also on every ringtone on my phone. Lots of people give me really wierd when I play their music on my cellphone all the way down the street while I sing just like their lead guitarist. But they all haters who wouldn’t know good decent music if it raped them with a pinecone.

Nickelback has such original, deep heartfelt lyrics and such awesome morals and awesome originality.

You should totally listen to their music. Once you hear it you will realise that Metal, EDM, Punk, Jazz and Classical are all complete shit. These guys are a pop-rock GOD

Also here’s a picture of me totally digging that music

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How you remind me is a pretty good song if you can ignore the “This is the big rock song” progression.

Wonderwall – Oasis
Alive – Pearl Jam
Man in the Box – Alice in chains
Reeducation Through Labour – Rise Against
D’you Know What I Mean? – Oasis
Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Greenday
What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
Lullaby – Nickelback (Just listened to it in this thread)
Savin’ Me – Nickelback (Also figured this one out in the thread, it’s in the prechorus)
If Today Was Your Last Day – Nickelback (In the verse)

This is their other good song in my opinion.

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I was expecting a trololololol thread, hence my first post. But it looks like people are happy to have a legit Nickelback discussion here. Very well, we shall do.

So anyway, I’ve never really listened to any of their music so I don’t have an opinion on them one way or another. I’m not a rock person so they never really caught my attention in any way but I never thought they were that bad either…they were just kinda…there

I didn’t actually know about Nickelback until people started hating on it. Seems the whole Nickelhate meme spread further than Nickelback itself

Because of that, I kinda get the impression that most people hate on this band because it’s “just what you do”. Not because there is anything truly terrible about them. People are told to hate Nickelback and so they do. Their music isn’t perfect quality and probably isn’t for everybody so it’s easy for people to go in expecting the worst and just pick at every flaw they can find…even if other bands are no more innocent.

It’s kinda like what happened to Friday. It didn’t deserve to become a meme. People just needed something to hate and this one shoddy music video just happened to be there at the right time. And so everyone decided to hate this one thing for the sake of hating

Should the Nickelback fans worry? Nah. My personal motto with music: Like what you like. If it sounds good to you, that’s all you need to care about.

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Adam DeLand wrote:

I think they are a decent band to boot, mainly for their genre. But what really bugs me is that my personal favorite song of theirs is considered by many to be their worst.

I have a couple of friends who like Nickelback and from what I could tell during their Nickelback conversations, Rockstar is their favorite song.

Maybe it’s just coincidence. I’m personally not a fan of the song (or others by them) except when enough alcohol is added, they’re just not my genre. Although I did like Hero for a while due to its usage in some Halo fan trailers (I WAS 15 OK! >:[ ).

Blue Screen wrote:

That image alone in this context was worth entering this thread for.

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