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[Another useless thread] Show us your real name

Last posted Dec 21, 2009 at 02:44PM EST. Added Dec 16, 2009 at 05:53PM EST
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@ RG


I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. You guys would have probably got it out of me one way or another some other time in the future. So, I thought that it would be best if I forced myself to confess it instead.

@Elbert, Yep. Only put info online that you’re comfortable having easily accessible. Posting by my real name this whole time has been sort of a fun experiment to see when the stalkers will show up.

Why the hell does everyone want to have an alias in quotation within their name on this site all of a sudden? whatever happened to middle names? Mine’s Joseph.

Lemme see, I’m not certain about this all since my history of stalking only goes back about 10 minutes.

But it looks like Real Genius got a divorce in Utah and is looking to buy a pair of LeapFrog Learn and Groove Maracas. (I thought you were 15?)

Jostin is originally from the Philippines but lives in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Animecello’s real name is more common than I thought, but I think he wrote an erotic fiction set in the Gundam Wing universe.

Tristan is a self-professed god at air hockey.

Anybody I missed?

I’ve been stalking Chris Menning’s account…

So far, I found this…

Basic Information

WNYU RadioSex:MaleSiblings:Morgan Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson
Casey Wilkinson
Parents:Malcolm Wilkinson
Relationship Status:Married to Irene Polnyi

@ RG

But seriously though, that’s only scratching the surface of my personal info. There’s much MUCH more about me elsewhere in this beloved internet-world of ours. Though, I’m smart enough to put that info under a different, unrevealed user name, so I’m practically safe from anyone ever finding out stuff about me that I don’t want them to.

@ Adorabunny


What about the Dubmeister? Can anyone dig up any info on him that we don’t know about yet? I’m not doing it because I don’t stalk people. lol



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