Ale Urwał!

Ale Urwał!

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Ale Urwał! (English: “[Look how] he tore it off!” or “[Look how] he broke it off!”) is a Polish internet catchphrase based on a viral video showing cars skidding during a harsh winter on a frozen hill in Poland. In the video, a spectator shouts “Ale Urwał!” in a characteristic way and accent, causing Polish internet users to copy the catchphrase and parody it.

The audio of “Ale Urwał!” is often mashed up with scenes from other videos to show failure.
Also used in polish youtube poops.


The videos were made between the 1st and 8th of January 2010 on the St. Kusocińskiego, Szczecin street of Northwest Poland.
The most popular mirror of the video was uploaded by PyskatyYT, featuring the first video and has been viewed over 750,000 times. However, the oldest versions still on YouTube of the videos were uploaded by user Kovibanana, all of which reached over 400,000 views. The true original video, however, has been removed due to terms of violation.

First video:

Second video:

Third video:

The first video shows cars are trying to climb an ice covered street, but failing to gain control, and eventually colliding with the the taxi standing at the side of the street. The taxi’s door is damaged and the mirror is torn off. During the video, one of the spectators says “Ale urwał, – Ale to było dobre” (Engish: “Look how he torn it off, – that was so good!”).

The characteristic voice and intonation of the spectator as he says “Ale urwał” and the similarity between the words, “urwał” (English: tear) and “kurwa” (the Polish equivalent of “F*ck” or “Sh*t” as an interjection, but literally translated to “whore”) made it instantly popular among the Polish internet community. Other catchphrases from this video have also crossed over into the Polish language in the internet web and in regular speech.

Conspiracy Theory:
There is a theory that says the driver of the taxi intentionally stopped at the place that he did, where there was no parking allowed. The taxi driver who was hit was said to have parked there to swindle insurance. The video was apparently filmed as evidence for an insurance company. Further evidence is provided by him saying “Ale Urwał!” (English: “Look how he broke it off!”) in an excited voice.

Popularity and Spread

The popularity of movie increased with its mention on, a Polish website very similiar to Digg. Another page that popularized it was, a website specializing in Demotivational Posters.

Other Examples: 1, 2

The catchphrase has declined in popularity, and is considered to be outdated. Some internet users perceive the phrase as a form of trolling now.

Fan Made Videos

Most of the videos based on “Ale Urwał” involve mashing up the audio of the original video with scenes from other videos or showing skidding cars on ice/snow.

Many of these videos have over 100,000 views.

Z cyklu – kultowe: ale urwał, ale to było dobre.. :-)

Ahh ale urwał zima 2010

Ale urwał

…::: ALE URWAŁ!!! ALE TO BYŁO DOBRE!! :::… Tablica w NBA

Leszek Kuzaj ALE URWAŁ Meta Rajdu Lotos

kultowe : ale urwał! ( ale to było dobre ) (see also: rage guy)

Za co kochamy Polskę ? cz. 4 pt. – “Ale urwał !!!”

Ale urwał, ale to było dobre Piosenka/Song (Wielki zajebisty mix)

Ale urwał (based on Statue Fail on FAIL Blog)

Ale urwał

Ale urwał! – Przeróbka: Skoki Narciarskie

“Ale urwał” inspiruje / Winter Accident.”

Ale urwał rambo

Ale urwał!

[002 ] Kultowe ale urwał cz.2

Z cyklu – kultowe: ale urwał, ale to było dobre.. :-)

hardkor ale urwał

Ale urwał ! cz.1 HIT !!!

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