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This meme is about associating Asperger syndrome [1], colloquially known as assburgerism, with Pertti “Spede” Pasanen [2], a Finnish actor born in 1930. It’s usually used in response to an awkward comment or situation which feels like the handiwork of someone with Asperger’s [1].

Note: the concept of a burger is a person who doesn’t understand social cues nor norms; and who can, for example, be often found correcting other people’s grammar in an environment where bad grammar is the norm (grammar nazi). Socially inept people like this are often associated with the geek culture, with stuff like bronyism – but the gist of assburgerism is simply the act of not being able to sense social cues and norms, thus a fedora gentleman is decidedly different from an assburger. Many fedoramen and neckbeards understand social norms but simply abandon them for other norms, but a burger never quite understands what makes other people laugh at him.

It’s also said that assburgers have no sense of humor, and that they always take the internet seriously. They also tend to suffer from elitism. [3]


The association of Asperger/assburgerism with Spede Pasanen [2] arose from a forcing that occurred in 2009 on Kuvalauta [4] (RIP in peace), a Finnish imageboard predating the current Ylilauta [5] .

The original forced pasta [3] was something akin to this (modern recreation):

“I went to a doctor today and he suspected that I have assburger. I laughed in his face. Pic related my face in that situation.”

There is nothing funny about this line, not even to Finns. It’s completely humorless, dry, witless. But people started associating assburgerism with (bearded) Spede, and thus a meme was born.

The picture in question is from the movie X-Paroni (1964) [6], starring Spede Pasanen [2]:


Although this is a mostly Finnish meme, it’s well-known on various German and American imageboards, similarly to the Spurdo bear.

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