4chan Trolls Ghost / Melting Pot of Friendship

4chan Trolls Ghost / Melting Pot of Friendship

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4chan Trolls Ghost refers to a series of raids by 4chan’s /b/ board against the radio host Ghost at True Capitalist Radio.[1] The prank calls generally play soundboards or YouTube videos, and accuse him of racism and homophobia. (See also: Tom Green Raids)

On of the earliest known raids took place on December 3rd, 2009 and a recording was uploaded to YouTube by user KinetiK001.

June 17th, 2011 Raid

One of the most notable raids occurred on June 17th, 2011 and a recording of the event was uploaded to YouTube by user DarkRazorZ on June 19th. This raid featured Ghost proclaiming “I’m a melting pot of friendship!” which can be heard at 12:08 in the following clip:

The clip was posted to Reddit on June 19th in the /r/4chan subreddit and has received 1,452 up votes as of September 8th, 2011. It was subsequently posted to the Facepunch[3] forums on June 22nd, and the Niketalk[4] forums on June 24th. As of September 8th, 2011, the clip has received 207,611 views making it the most viewed Ghost raid recording on YouTube.

Ghost’s Responses

Ghost commonly responds to prank callers by calling them all manner of derogatory terms, often racist or homophobic in nature (fruitbowls, g’damn mexicuns, internet buttstalker, the po’ (his term for black people or once every blue moon hippies)) the prank calls usually involve playing a soundclip from someone/something he hates; be it My Little Pony or the left wing politician du jour, remixing his voice clips into songs or self flagellating sentences, occasionaly even sung live on the show and general trolling, derailing, insulting etc.
When confronted with people that call him racist he usually flips out often time even resorting to “Guess the minority” if he believes they are “ethnic”, his little game that he swears isn’t racist. When he is particularly upset, a massive shuffling of cans can often be heard in the background. Ghost has spawned several catchphrases including “I’m an alcoholic”, “I’M A CAPITALIST!”, “Pooptickler? What kind of a name is Pooptickler?”, “I’m shooting pearls”, “TROLL TERRORISTS”, “You people will RUE the day…”, “I’m taking the necessary steps to ensure that… …PUNITIVE DAMAGES OUT OF YOUR ASS” and almost always before he rage quits during Radio Graffiti “Stick a fork in me, I’m done”.

Regular Callers

Ghost’s regular callers are Tzeki, GOOFY_BONE (altough both not recently), 213(The Ghetto Ghost), CelticBrony, Xarahawx, Asho, the transtesticle and the tub guy.[5] Tzeki claims to be a part of Anonymous, and is known for being British, very calm and somewhat intellectual. 213 often trolls Ghost by defending Barack Obama and social welfare programs. GOOFY_BONE is a long-time caller that claims he has been persuaded by Ghost’s broadcasts to identify himself as a capitalist, and has produced several rap music videos that are available on his YouTube channel STR8LOCRec.[6]
CelticBrony is an obviously brony troll that usually plays edited voice clips of ghost, either being a genius in selection or creation he often closes off the show due to the inevitable ragequit. Xarahawx (not spelled right) is a pianoplayer that usually covers some mildly relevant music, be it related to the show or to another trolls ‘splice’. Asho is a mexican kid that comes up with bad trolls that only ghost is dumb enough to actually believe (disregarding the professional troll posibility), ranging from stories about not being fed to being beaten by some family member ghost took him so seriously he even had a “Save Asho” day around november with Asho eventually spilling the beans after most likely feeling sorry for Ghosts, genuine sounding, empathy.
The transtescticle is a guy who either has a quite high voice and speaks as high pitched as he can or uses software to pitch shift, he usually has stories about his supposed transgender operation with a good amount of detail, something pony related or pretty much anything else to make Ghost jizz his pants with homophobia.
The tub guy was a troll that ran a bubble bath soundfile during his conversations and Ghost ofcourse falling for it, much like how the Ghetto Capitalist keeps reusing the same screaming baby soundfile.

During the June 27th, 2011 broadcast, Ghost brought GOOFY_BONE and Tzeki on the air to discuss trolling on the internet. During the discussion, GOOFY_BONE asked Tzeki why he disliked him and Tzeki responded by calling him an idiot. GOOFY_BONE became enraged at and started shouting at Tzeki, similar to the way Ghost responds to his callers.

The Engineer and the racist persona’s

Ghost occasionally does a semi-faux retard voice, close to being ripped from several South Park minor characters, he calls it “The Engineer” and acts like it’s the guy that screens his calls or as strawman to scream against if he’s feeling frustrated.
The voice is fairly obviously Ghost (you can even hear him inbetween the voices in occasional episodes, especially if he’s been drinking) and the fact that the same trolls keep getting through with the same names pretty much proves noone is screening anything. And ofcourse Goofybone used (or uses) a engineer soundboard that Ghost might very well employ occasionally himself.
If the show hasn’t been particularly racist enough or a news item relating to a country he particularly hates he may resort to his racist persona’s, these include but may not be limited to:
“Mr. Fortune Cookie” his chinese persona
“Paco” the mexican persona
“Tyrone” the black american persona (not generally black, he never uses it for anything relating to Africa itself)
“Mahmoud” the islamic militant persona.
None of these persona’s are even remotely funny to even the most hardcore of klansmen, they all come with their own mildly racist theme songs and they usually revolve around him repeating the same 5-6 lines over and over again with a bit of news headlines shoved into it, for instance his Mahmoud character is him doing a bad arab accent with an english sung pro-islamic dance/techno song and the constant repetition of the lines “Face Mekka and pray to Allah”, “Obama will enforce Sharia law”, “You filthy Americans” and more of the same brainless slurs. Mr. Fortune Cookey is the same idea, with some Chinese Dynasty music and constantly screaming “We own yoo mothafocka’s” and “Bad eggroll [groaning]”.
People have occasionally called him out for being a massive racist for playing these persona’s to which he reacts with such suprise and disbelief that one wonders if he could actually be this thick-headed.

Cannibal Trolling

On June 29th, 2011, YouTuber Trollsnews posted a video arguing that Ghost was most likely a “cannibal troll.”

His fits are just too perfect, he reacts exactly as people want him too and the fact that he has the fake character of engineer (and Fortune Cookie) shows him trolling. Some of you might consider this report redundant because you all know that he is just a troll, but there are people who don’t know and it would be just generally interesting to see what happen.

Other Recordings




Trolling Tools

Soundboards using clips of Ghost are often used to troll the show, as well as audio from the song “Fuck You Texas” by Weird Wilbur.

Ghost the game

The Youtube user someshyguy made a call to Ghost claiming that he was making a game about him, making him “rage” as usual, at first it started as a joke, but he actually made the game, the story is about Ghost having to recover his melting pot of friendship from a group of Afro-Americans who got tired of Ghost’s racism.

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