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Loli-Chan is the nickname given to an anonymous camgirl from Florida who began posting on 4chan sometime in 2006 at the age of 13.

Online History

By her own account, Loli began making friends online through anime-themed social networking site Gaia Online in 2005. At age 12, she began experimenting with cybersex through Yahoo! Messenger and trading nude photos of herself for Gaia Gold, a form of currency on the site. Soon after, an internet friend named Josh introduced her to 4chan, warning her that, while it fun, pedophiles were known to lurk on the site and advised against posting photos of herself. Despite this, she began sharing photos of herself on 4chan a year later, starting with a timestamped selfie (shown below, left) in an homage to Cracky Chan’s first photograph (shown below, right). Due to her youthful appearance, she was quickly given the nickname “Loli,” the Japanese abbreviation of the Lolita Complex.

After disclosing her screen name on 4chan, she was reportedly met by hundreds of messages from older men a day. At some point in 2006, a dedicated image board to Loli-chan was created on Chanchan[3] (now ChanSluts), and she went on to become the first camgirl to post on her own board. By May of that year, a poster on the Loveline Companion[4], a message board dedicated to Dr. Drew Pinsky's syndicated radio show, began a thread (shown below) asserting that internet users band together to shut her image board down, calling it a haven for "pedophiles, sexual deviants and all kinds of unsavory people." The poster also suggested that Loli might be an undercover cop attempting to lure in predators.

Loli-chan must be shut down Had To Get It On Monday, May 1,2006 at 2:40 PM Edited Monday, May 1,2006 at 2:42 PM There's an imageboard called Loli-chan which features a alleged 13 year old girl from south Florida who goes by the online handle of the same name, "Loli-chan". On this board she posts pictures of herself, clothed so far. Pedophiles, sexual deviants and all kinds of unsavory people flock there to interact with her I don't know if she's a cop, or if it's an older brother doing this or who knows. But I do know that it's disturbing. It's gotten a lot tamer recently because she claims she's waiting for a new camera and hasn't been taking new photos. It used be ridiculous. Guys were posting pictures of their cocks, begging for her contact information and generally acting a fool. I fear when it gets popular again it can all blow up. She thinks she's smarter than the average kid and her p----teasing is all a gag. She loves getting attention for much older guys with all sorts of ideas in their heads; her "fans" as she likes to refer to them. I wonder how many parole violations are going on there. :-o I'm not a lawyer and Im not sure what's legal but this must end immediately. -Had To Get It On

That year, a private military contractor named Jacqueline Singh came across a photo of Loli in her Catholic school uniform. Signh called the school to notify them of her online activity, resulting in a meeting with her parents, the school principal and the head priest of the associated church. Though her parents banned her from using the internet, she continued to post photos and videos (shown below) online in places her parents would not find her, including her board on ChanSluts. At 14, she met her first online boyfriend, a 30-year old whom she dumped eight months later after seeing his photo for the first time. Her second and last online boyfriend went by the pseudonym George Peard and pressured her into sharing nude photos with him which he posted on 4chan. Around the same time, a man named Zach launched the now-defunct site LolichanArmy[6] for fans dedicated to keeping Loli's personal information away from predators.

FBI Raid in 2007

In February 2007, more than 2,000 suggestive photographs of Loli, deemed “child erotica,” were found on the hard drive of part-time history professor Roderick Vosburgh, following the FBI raid of his home in Pennsylvania. Although there was no proof Vosburgh had looked at child pornography, prosecutors suggested that the large amount of photos of Loli in his possession suggested an attraction to underage girls. He was convicted[5] in November 2007 and later sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by three years of supervision.


Despite her absence in subsequent years, dozens of threads about the camgirl continued to appear throughout 4chan[7], specifically on /a/[8] (Anime and Manga) and /jp/[9] (Otaku Culture). In September 2012, she launched a profile on MyFreeCams under the handle Jezebel[10] where she would model in exchange for money to pay off her $31,000 medical bill. Within two days, she earned $1,500, but revenue has since slowed down. She also began using the pseudonym "Dolores Haze" as an homage to the titular character from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.

Miami New Times Article

On October 8th, 2013[14], Miami New Times reporter Allie Conti[11] posted a longform essay[1] about Loli's life and experiences following her internet fame. The article reported that Loli continues to live in a guest house where she is not allowed to have visitors on her parent's estate in Florida with Lucien, her boyfriend of four years who is training to become a police officer. At press time, Loli had been in contact with ChanSluts about removing her posts from the site. She also mentioned a hope to enroll in college again to pursue illustration. On October 9th, the article was linked to /r/FoodForThought[13], followed by a link on[12] the following day. Jezebel[2] covered the story on October 13th, where they reported Conti tracked Loli down after going through countless yearbooks with only an age and first name as clues. After finding her on social media, Loli initially responded with hostility (shown below) before agreeing to be interviewed.

Who the f--- are you why the f--- should I care and furthermore, how do I know you won't just post my phone number on 4chan???

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