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Cumbox (also spelled cum box) is a Reddit Copypasta of redditor’s story in an Askreddit thread of how and where he disposes his ejaculate after masturbation. The story gained popularity outside of reddit and has been often referenced within the website due to it’s shock factor and disgusting content.


On May 1st, 2012, Reddit user ohgoshwheretobegin posted a thread in subreddit AskReddit (a Reddit sub-forum where users ask for and receive answers from other users on specific questions) titled, “Throwaway time! What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?”[1] The thread became popular, and was filled with many dark and disturbing stories in response to the original question, so much it became #3 top thread on Reddit of all time. Among the many responses was a story from redditor Lynfect, who told the story of him stealing some of his cousin’s possessions.[2]

Cousin died when we were both seventeen. There was a reception at his house just after the funeral. I went into his room and stole all the money… [and] some other valuables that his parents wouldn’t realize were gone…

…Also my cum box.

Upon further inquiry buy reddit user eeeeevil[3], Lynfect disclosed further information of the previously mentioned cum box.[4]

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shoebox, or at least once was, and whenever I masturbate I cum into it. I’ve had it for two or three years now I think, so it has a fair amount of cum. It smells atrocious, and I tried to burn it once. When I lit it on fire, it was too damp due to the cum that it simply sizzled and didn’t manage to actually lite up. Turns out burning cum smells awful, so I had to spray it with a deodorant body spray just to get the old smell of burnt cum away. It also has some drenched papers stuck to it. That’s pretty much it.

Along with the account, Lynfect also uploaded an Imgur album containing images of the cum box for proof.[5] Much disgust and horror was expressed by many other redditors in response to the account and album. Upon frequent request by redditors, Lynfect decided to post an additional update image of the now oft-mentioned cum box[6], of which had started to develop mold.


Immeadiately after being posted to Reddit, the story went viral outside of Reddit, being mentioned on websites such as Slacktory[7], Uproxx[8], Buzzfeeed[9] and FunnyJunk[10]. The two words used to describe the object that contained Lynfect’s semen became homogenized to describe the object in particular. Since it’s posting, the original Imgur album containing the pictures of the cum box has achieved more than 6.6 million views alone, with the update image obtaining approximately a quarter of a million views. Today, the cumbox story has been copypasta’d and been referenced among redditors within the website in the same vein of other notable shock stories.

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