Get To The Choppa

Get To The Choppa

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“Get To The Choppa!” is a memorable quote said by Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the 1987 sci-fi action film Predator. Due to Schwarzenegger’s thick European accent, the line came off as a comical relief rather than exclamation of urgency and it eventually became one of the most celebrated quotes attributed to the actor. On forums and message boards, the quote is used in a playful manner to indicate there is an imminent danger and everyone must evacuate immediately.


The phrase was spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, in the 1987 sci-fi action movie Predator[1] in a helicopter evacuation scene after the rest of Dutch’s team had been killed off by the Predator. Before confronting the monster, Major Schaefer yells the line to get Anna safely onboard the chopper.


The soundbite of “Get to the Choppa” from the film was featured as an interlude track[2] on the indie band Reggie and the Full Effect’s 1999 debut album The Greatest Hits 1984-1987. In April 2004, the first YTMND featuring the phrase appeared in a site titled RUN! GET TO THE CHOPPER!, which has gained more 45,000 views as of July 2010. The site has been since mashed up with other popular internet memes and YTMND fads, such asThe Bayeux tapestry, Punch-Out!!, Contra, Robotnik and Sonic, Jabba the Hutt, ASCII art, Inspector Gadget and Mega Man among many others. As of July 2012, search queries for the keywords “Choppa” and “Chopper” yield more than 55 YTMND sites with matching titles.

The first Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase was submitted by user Baddersanta in February 2005.

GET TO DA CHOPPA has now come to mean that one is saying that they must attain whatever goal it is that is set forth. “getting the choppa” is teh act of succeeding in this goal and is the highest possible recognition.

In July 2008, members of American hardcore bands As I Lay Dying and Destroy the Runner formed the side project band Austrian Death Machine and released Total Brutal, a concept album made in homage to Schwarzenegger’s films. In September 2008, the group filmed a music video for their song “Get To The Choppa.”

Also that same month, an achievement badge was added to the MMMORPG game World of Warcraft called “Get to the Choppa,” which could be unlocked once the player obtains a Mechano-hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper, both motorcycles.

In April 2009, the quote was featured in a U.S. Library of Congress report titled “Wise Guide to Helicopters.”[9] In November 2009, phrase was also featured as an unlockable title in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 once the player completes the “Chopper Gunner Veteran I” challenge by calling in 3 Chopper Gunners.

The year of 2010 marked the release of Predators, the third installment in the alien sci-fi action franchise. In a video interview with MTV, actor Adrien Brody shared his own “Get to the Chopper” moment that he had while filming the movie.

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