Le Happy Merchant

Le Happy Merchant

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Le Happy Merchant is a cartoon portraying a male jew based on anti-semitic views, giving the character characterizations such as greed an the need for world domination. Mainly posted on political imageboards such as 4chan’s /pol/ and 4chon’s /new/, it is used both ironically and seriously.


The original artist who drew the character that would later become Le Happy Merchant was drawn by an artist going by the pseudonym A. Wyatt Mann,[1] in a racist and anti-semetic piece promoting a world without jews and blacks (shown below). The cut-out character was first posted on the 4chan board of /new/, prior to its dismantling for its rampant racist sentiment and political incorrectness.


Common themes found in Le Happy Merchant comics are mostly based on jew stereotypes such as conspiracies to control the world, greed and scapegoating. The drawing probably took its specific name when a rage comic version of the image was submitted to the r/Le subreddit on November 17th, 2012.[6]

Spinoffs derived from the meme from some antisemitic forums around the web[3] when they reached new boards on 4chan,[2] particularly on /v/, /r9k/ and /b/. Ylilauta’s /int/ also managed to blend spurdo spärde with the merchant, and produced a somewhat less controversial friendly partnership between “Le American Bear,” a character based on spurdo spärde representing a stereotypical American, and Le Happy Merchant. A page on the satirical website Encyclopedia Dramatica was also submitted.[7]

Notable Examples


A.k.a Jewish Internet Defense Force[5] is a social justice internet organization against anti-semitic internet activities or online terrorism. JIDF is mostly been mentioned when any anti-semitic related thread appears on the web. It’s online activism against websites and pages on facebook have been critizied by several sites and especially by the political incorrect humor board /pol/.[11]

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