Mahogany Doors

Mahogany Doors

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When doing their Tekkit series in Minecraft, the Youtuber Yogscast Sjin and Yogscast Sips were making a door for their secret base. Sjin put down a door, claiming it was mahogany. He kept on repeating “mahogany doors”. After doing this for a few seconds, Sips told him that it is not mahogany. The following scene takes place at around 13:20 in the video “Tekkit – Episode 71 – Mahogany Doors” (link provided at the bottom).

Sjin: Check this out this bling, Sips. Check this out. Boom. Mahogany doors.

Sips: Oh wow

Sjin: Mahogany doors

Sips: Ok, I’ve got-

Sjin: Mahogany doors

Sips: Wha- What?

Sjin: Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors.

Sips: What

Sjin: Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors

Sips: laughs That’s not mahogany! The f*ck are you talking about?

Sjin: Yes it is

SIps; That’s just normal wood. That is not mahogany

Sjin: F*ck you, I- it’s, it’s mahogany wood, Sips

Sips: It’s not mahogany

Sjin: Mahogany doors

Sips: It’s not
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