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Old Gregg

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A character from the British surrealist comedy series The Mighty Boosh. Old Gregg is a trannsexual, tutu-wearing “scaly manfish” with a luminescent “mangina” and a fondness for Bailey’s Irish Cream. The episode “The Legend of Old Gregg” aired in Britain in 2005, but an edited version of the episode showing just the parts with Old Gregg himself appeared on YouTube circa 2007. The various bizarre catchphrases popularized by the video include “Easy now, fuzzy little man peach”, “You ever drunk Bailey’s from a shoe?”, “You ever go to a club where people wee on each other?”, “I GOTTA MANGINA!” and of course, simply, “I’M OLD GREEEEEEEEEGG!” He was loosely inspired by Rick James, meaning that in some ways this is a sister meme to “I’m Rick James, bitch”.

In late 2007, a variant combining audio clips from “The Legend of Old Gregg” with the trailer to No Country For Old Men was created, making “No Country For Old Gregg”, which has over 150,000 views on YouTube:

The meme has undergone a new surge of popularity with the release of Lady Gaga’s song “Love Games”, which coincidentally shares its name with a song from the episode that started the meme. A mashup was more or less inevitable:

When the episode finally aired in America for the first time, Adult Swim traded on its popularity by promoting it as “only the greatest Mighty Boosh ever!”.

The character was intended to appear in the 2007 Boosh episode “Party”, but was later cut for time. He has made a few appearances in the Mighty Boosh’s stage show, though pictures from these don’t tend to be added to the meme much because Noel Fielding’s costume and makeup are less intense onstage than on camera, causing the Old Gregg to look very different. However, there has been some use of stills of Old Gregg and Howard Moon actually kissing in the stage show.

Wikitubia has a transcript of the original video: http://youtube.wikia.com/wiki/Old_greg
An Old Gregg soundboard: http://www.funzac.com/play/Old%20Gregg%20Soundboard.html
Old Gregg apparently has a Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheRealOldGregg
Urban Dictionary entry: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Old%20Gregg
Discussion of the Rick James/Old Gregg connection: http://boards.adultswim.com/adultswim/board/message?board.id=mightyboosh&message.id=2834
General discussion: http://boards.adultswim.com/adultswim/board/message?board.id=mightyboosh&thread.id=3111&jump=true

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The giant spike in searches for Boosh in 2007 coincides with the beginning of search for Old Gregg. It appears that the Youtube video (that has now been taken down due to a copyright claim by Baby Cow Productions, the company that produces The Mighty Boosh) exposed a much wider audience to the series, which might have been the cause of renewed interest in the old character.

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