Rich Raven

Rich Raven

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Rich Raven, also known as Carnegie Crow, is an Advice Animal image macro series featuring a raven with seemingly immense wealth. The text first references a luxury or highly desired item or situation, which then Rich Raven scoffs desdainfully. Another variation refers an everyday item, but then presenting a ridiculously luxurious version.


The original image is (ironically) of a Common Raven (Corvus Corax) taken by photographer Timothy Blackmore and posted in his website on 1997.[1] According to recounts, Rich Raven macros have been appearing since 2008.[2] Before being used as an Advice Animal macro, the original picture was photoshopped with a top hat (or gibus), cane, and a bottle of liquor.

Original image:

Early derivatives:


In 2010, a tumblr page “Fuck Yeah Rich Raven” was created, with 22 pages containing Rich Raven derivatives.[3] Rich Raven macros have been posted in 4chan,[4] Meme Generator,[5] Memebase,[6] quickmeme,[7] etc.

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External References

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