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Sage (pronounced as “sah-geh”) is a word entered into the e-mail field of any *chan image board (aka “Futaba-style boards”). Entering ‘sage’ allows you to add a message to a thread without bumping it, typically with the belief that the thread will die faster (even though that is impossible). It is the opposite of Age, which is basically the same thing as bumping.


The practice of saging originated on 2channel, the Japanese text board which inspired 4chan. It is a Japanese derived word (下げる sageru) which means “to lower”. As a well-established practice on 2channel it was a matter of time before it found its way onto its English-language offspring. The first reference to ‘sage’ on 4chan dates to November 26, 2008.

Influence on 4chan

Sage had become so popular on 4chan that ‘Sage Man’ has been adopted into an (unofficial?) 4chan mascot, along with its counterpart, Age, joining official mascot Yotsuba/404 Girl. During the beginning of the My Little Pony fandom, many anons who were angry with the popularity of the series, tried to sage mlp related threads, most of which did not work.

Sage Goes in Every Field

Excerpt from LURKMORE Wiki’s article:

A somewhat common statement (also written as “Sage goes in all fields”) in reply to particularly horrible threads, in which “sage” is placed not only in the email field, but also the name, subject, and body of the post. This of course has no additional effect compared to including “sage” only in the email field; it is used purely to express extreme disgust in the thread in question.

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