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Sheeeee-it is a catchphrase popularized by Isiah Whitlock, Jr., who plays the character of corrupt Maryland State Senator Clay Davis in the HBO drama The Wire. In the series, Senator Davis often draws out the word “shit” as “sheeeeee-it” when confronted with bad news.


The word itself started appearing in 2003, with UrbanDictionary entries for several different spellings. In January 2003 there was sheeee-it!, April brought about sheeeeeeeit and sheeet. In October, sheee-it appeared. Finally, November saw sheeeit added, minus the hyphen.

The word did not appear on The Wire until season three, which originally aired from September to December 2004. The first character to say it was Erv in Season 3, Episode 3. The episode originally aired October 3, 2004.

In Season 4, Episode 2, Sheeeee-it was politician Clay Davis’ response to being served with a subpoena by the Baltimore Police Department. It originally aired September 10, 2006.

After this episode, Clay Davis would repeat the word throughout the rest of the series as a response to bad news.

However, The Wire was not the first time Isiah Whitlock Jr. had used Sheeeee-it on screen. In 2002, he appeared as a special agent in the Spike Lee movie 25th Hour and used it before arresting Edward Norton’s drug-dealing character.


Clay Davis became known for his comically long expletive quickly, with Slate Magazine wrote about it, linking to both a clip and a parody video.

The phrase also caught on as a general catchphrase. Metafilter used it as their response to The Wire’s cancellation. In 2009, GameSpy used the catchphrase as Davis’ nickname in a mockup Wire video game screen.


In November 2007, a YTMND was created of a Clay Davis soundbite. A few months later in February 2008, a NSFW YTMND was created which garnered over 2000 views. In May 2009, Clay Davis Sparking was created, which has over 10,000 views.

Scenes of Clay Davis saying Sheeeee-it have been remixed since the airdate of the subpoena episode.

September 2006, 448,000+ views:

January 2008, 141,000+ views:

May 2008 (Sheeeee-it parody begins at 2:23), 21,000+ views:

November 2008, 77,000+ views:

March 2009, slow motion remix:

February 2010, drum and bass remix:

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