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screenshot of drawing a sunset sky crudely in MS Paint


Paint (sometimes called Microsoft Paint or MS Paint) is a graphics painting program developed by Microsoft. It has been included in all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system from version 1.0 (as Paintbrush).[1] Its simplicity of usage and the lack of advanced image manipulation features made the art created on the program distinct due to its amateurishness and lack of detail. Due to its popularity, Paint has been the vehicle for the creation of numerous memes.

Deprecation and Resuscitation

On July 24th, 2017, Microsoft announced that MS Paint would be "deprecated," meaning “not in active development and might be removed in future releases," in the upcoming Windows 10 Update.[2] To many, this signaled that Microsoft was killing off MS Paint.[3][4] Several threads in subreddits mourned the news by creating subreddit-themed images in MS Paint.[6][7][8] Several popular posts on /r/dankmemes that day referenced the death of MS Paint, many of which were made in tribute (examples shown below).

(al 1日っC" ▼ I Immagine-Paint File Home Visualizza - Appunti selezionaa.夕夕9 Pennelli Forme Dimensio ni Colore Colore Immagine Strument Forme Colori DONT CRY BECAIS 티T'SOYER. SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENE RLP MS PAINT19852017 ED 1440 x 522 pixe 50%e WHO WOULD WIN? Microsoft A great tool used around the world Some Different colored squares making a joke about their penis.

However, the outpouring of support for MS Paint led Microsoft to clarify the following day that MS Paint would now be available in the Windows Store.[5]

Rage Faces

Rage Faces are the main components of a series of amateur-made comics, known as Rage Comics. The faces, portraying different different emotions and situations, have been, for the most part, created with minimal attention to detail and thus must have been drawn in MS Paint or related software.


Stoner Comics

Similar to rage comics, Stoner Comics is a series of amateur-made comics, but instead of portraying various situations and occurrences, they portray drug-related stories.

MS Paint Relationship Comics

MS Paint Relationship Comics is a series of simply drawn comics, originating from 4chan, which portray relationship situations, often ending badly.

HA HA Be my girlfriend. you are kidding, right? mean. . . how weird would that be? If we started dating. . heh hehe, gross, right?

MS Paint Desktop Icons

MS Paint Desktop Icons is an image fad originating from 4chan where users post MS Paint-drawn images of known desktop icons, such as Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer. The meme itself has evolved to include logos such as My Little Pony.

chrome desktop icon drawn in the crude style of MS Paint

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