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“GHTune” is a music studio for Guitar Hero that allows you to create and download music. Similar to the use of Mario Paint but with the ablility of being able to play the song such as Synthesia, with the use of plastic guitar’s drum’s and microphone. Most songs being created are from popular cultures and many have been made, recorded and uploaded to Internet video sites such as Youtube.

Wikipedia’s Description

The Studio is similar to Apple’s GarageBand software. The player can create the tracks for each song by playing it in real or slowed time, with the game quantizing offbeat notes to the nearest beat as set by the player, or tracks can be constructed one note at a time. The notes played by the user will be the default “Expert” difficulty track, and the lower difficulty versions will be generated by the game.
Players can create the tracks for lead, rhythm, and bass guitars and for drums, selecting from a number of different sounds and kits for each instrument. Distortion and other effects can be added to these tracks through Line 6 amplifiers in the “GHMix” mode. Players cannot record vocals directly, but can create a hum-along vocal line in the Studio.
Custom songs can be uploaded to the “GH Tunes” service, allowing other players to rate songs and search and download songs by these ratings. A Showcase service provides some of the best user works alongside new songs from popular artists for players to download. Bright has stated that uploaded songs will be actively monitored, and that covers of copyrighted songs will be removed from the service while also taking down any other requests made by copyright owners.

Origin of first used adding songs

The use of hacking and/or coding has made player be able to download and play songs in earlier games such as Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III.

Many tutorials have been uploaded such as this one with Guitar Hero II


Goofy Goober Rock – Spongebob Squarepants

Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver Johto Gym Battle

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour was released in North America on October 26, 2008, Europe on November 7, 2008 and Australia on November 12, 2008
Guitar Hero World Tour is the first game in the Guitar Hero series to feature drum and microphone controllers for percussion and vocal parts, similar in manner to the competing Rock Band series of games.

It also introduced the new feature of GHTunes, an easier new way to make, download and play upon the game.

Use of GHTunes

A description of GHTunes was upload within a video on Oct 5, 2008 where the Project Developer ‘Brian Bright’ explains how GHTunes works

The first uploaded custom created song on YouTube was WTF which was made by KILLERCLOWN2299 and uploaed on Oct 25, 2008

The next uploaded song to receive a large amount of views was Power Rangers Theme by xx99

Other Created Notable Songs

Super Mario Bros by oLOCKDOWNo

Maple Leaf Rag by CrazyEi8hts

Zelda Theme by KlotePinoGH

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