The Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange

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The Annoying Orange is an american comedy web series created by Dane Boedingheimer for his own company Gagfilms in 2009 starring an anthropomorphic orange annoying other fruits, vegetables and other objects that appear in the kitchen.


Before the series, Boedingheimer created many talking food videos with Adobe After Effects and released them on his site and another website named JibJab. The video down below is one of his first talking food videos made in 2006 starring Theresa Barket bringing out a carton of eggs to make fried egg.

After then, he released on his YouTube Channel daneboe on the October 9, 2009 the first Annoying Orange video starring the main character Orange annoying an Apple.

The video has gained over 100’000’000 views (2012). Later, many viewers asked for more videos with the orange but it was only meantto be the only Annoying Orange video. After 4 other videos starring the orange, Boedingheimer created another YouTube account called realannoyingorange on the January 11, 2010. The video down below is the first video created on the YouTube channel.

Main Characters

Orange – The main character that appear on every episode since the series began on October 9, 2009. In the beginning, The Annoying Orange was the only true main character. However, as the episodes progressed, more characters were added into the plot.

Pear – Orange’s best friend who also appear as a minor character in the very first episode. He is a bartlett pear.

Passion Fruit – The only female character in the series. She is a passion fruit.

Midget Apple – A tiny red delicious apple. Owns a monster truck and dislikes being called Midget Apple, preferring to be called Little Apple.

Marshmallow – A small, childlike, squeaky-voiced marshmallow that is typically cheerful and happy, and loves cute things. Making him mad will cause explosions and chaos.

Grapefruit – Originally appeared as Orange’s archenemy. He often engages in juvenile insults with Orange and others. After a few episode appearances he became a recurring character.

Grandpa Lemon – An elderly and forgetful lemon who has a habit of falling asleep at rather odd and annoying times. He also rides a motorcycle.

Recurring Characters

Knife – A kitchen tool who always appears to slice up fruits and vegetables at the end of every episode.

Liam the Leprechaun – A bad-tempered leprechaun who always loses his pot of gold.

Squash – Similar to the knife, except getting squashed to death by Squash and he gets grossed out.

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I say confirm it.

I find annoying orange completely unfunny and bizarre (much like Fred, and I am bewildered that both are considered popular). I hate both with a passion; and logically, the more you hate something, the stronger it gets.

Still, Its definitely note worthy on a site that records internet based phenomenons, so it definitely deserves some kind of entry. Its not a meme, subculture or event, and definitely not a person, but whatever it is, it deserves SOME kind of note.


This really deserves confirmation.
The videos are everywhere, it doesn’t take much browsing on youtube to find at least 3 videos/parody videos all from different people.
The fact that you’ve all heard of it rather confirms the fact that it’s a meme. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it not a meme, in fact if you are annoyed at how much you run into it then that’s kind of the definition of a meme in the first place.


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