Tuzki (兔斯基)

Tuzki (兔斯基)

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Tuzki (Chinese: 兔斯基; Pinyin: Tùsījī) is a popular rabbit character used in emoticons, similar to Onion Head and Yoyo & Cici. Tuzki is very popular among Chinese internet users on forums, Tencent QQ and MSN messenger and its popularity has led to fanclubs, postcards, posters, t-shirts, books, games, cards, and more. The character can also be used with popular Chinese catchphrases by superimposing text onto Tuzki emoticons.


Interview with the Creator:

Tuzki was created by Chinese netizen Wang Momo in 2006. Supposedly, she was nicknamed “rabbit” in her childhood and learned how to paint, drawing rabbits in her free time. The earliest working image of Tuzki on her blog that can be found was posted on September 6, 2006.

On November 7, 2006, she posted Tuzki on her blog, with this GIF being the original:

Later, she also created a small series of Tuzki videos for publicity:


Tuzki Madness

The official flash movie for Tuzki, released in 2008:

Motorola Advertising Campaign

In December of 2007, Motorola bought the rights to Tuzki and used the character to promote the new Motorola Q9h. This led to another spike in Tuzki’s popularity.

You can see Tuzki promoting the product here.

Genetically Modified (GM) Food Awareness

Greenpeace is an environmental organization dedicated to ensuring “the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.” The organization marks genetically modified as red, and “normal food” as green.

In mid 2008, Greenpeace used Tuzki to explain the color system.

Here is the video with English subtitles:

More Tuzki Madness

- Official website in 2009.
- Official Book (《I,TUZKI,U?》TUZKI的第一本書出版) (Mar 24, 2009)
- Tuzki Games
- iPhone App

Fan Made Videos


Many of the most popular Tuzki videos were uploaded to Chinese video sharing sites (like Youku, 56, and Tudou). There are only a few mirrors on Youtube.

By far, the most popular video is a Tuzki rendition of Nobody by the Wonder Girls.

Other Videos:

Tuzki Emoticons: Real Person Version

兔斯基跳迈克杰克逊的《smooth criminal》


NOBODY 兔斯基 3D版


兔斯基跳 Sorry,sorry



Non-Chinese Videos

While Tuzki continues to be most popular in China, the character has been referenced by internet users all over the world.

This is how university life is!!

See You Again-Hot_Cute Tuzki Dance兔斯基舞 搞笑

Αφιερωμένο στον ΔΑΙΜΟΝΑ της Εξεταστικής..!

TUZKI bailando el Chiki Chiki

My tuzki left me

Tuzki Stats:

-Birth: Born with unexplained memory loss.
-Height: 1.2 m
-Personality: Sometimes optimistic and sometimes depressed; likes to entertain itself with imaginative, simple, easygoing and casual things.
-Mood: Exaggerates its body language. When it is not happy it recovers quickly, and loves everyone.
-Likes: Milk, buttermilk, juice, coffee, tea, bread, fruit skins.
-Hates: Turnip, cabbage, sweet foods
-Biggest Fear: Wine
-Strength: Inventing small things.
-Weakness: Inventing small things brings unforeseen trouble.
-Will never do: Obscene “adult” action
-Pets: 萝卜耶夫
-Friends: R1.

- Baidu Encyclopedia
- Club Tuzki
- Club Tuzki (English)
- Facebook Page
- Hudong Wiki
- MSN-Smiley
- Tuzki Emoticon Collection
- Wang Momo’s Blog

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