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Uboa is an NPC found in the game Yume Nikki by messing with the lightwitch, famous for his deformed and creepy self.


Uboa comes from the 2005 adventure game Yume Nikki. In an igloo in Pink Sea inside the Snow World, area of the game, there is a 1 of 64 chance that after turning off the lights in the room, the character Uboa appears (unless Poniko is killed by the player);If the player interacts with him, the player gets teleported to a wierd nightmarish place with a monster bleeding on it’s background and some characteristics resembling a place called White Desert from the same game.

The only way to exit the nightmare is by pinching yourself and returning to the real world.

Uboa’s name originated from a type of scream in Japan. Originally pronounced ‘uhoa’ (ooo-hwha), when said in a manner resembling a scream, the name certainly suits its appearance and situation. Uboa holds such a nightmarish grasp on our hearts because his appearance is so sudden and unpredictable that many who did this on accident were scared out of their minds.


(See also: Weegee)

Uboa is noted for his freakish contorted face and his constant screaming theme(usualy associated with the Japanese screaming symbol (’’ああああ’’) accompanying Uboa’s appearance.
Uboa’s distorted face has been severely modified in some places, specially “Uboachan”.[1]


Uboa has made himself a path for the meme society, being the centerpiece of Carmelldansen tributes, Zelda CDi parodies, Rickrolls, etc.(Video Gallery for more examples)

Notable Examples


Left: I Can Count to Potato | Center: Handsome Face | Right: Yaranaika?


Zelda CDi & Random sources


Leek Spin

Garry’s Mod Tribute

Six Flags

U.N. Owen was Her?

Search Interest

Yume Nikki was released in 2005 under version 0.00. The game was rereleased in October 2007 under version 0.10 which included an english translation. Since then, Yume Nikki’s popularity has grown, and Uboa has gained ever increasing noteriety, including its very own 4chan style imageboard, Uboachan.

The game, along with fan-made sequels and spinn-offs, is available for download in both English and Japanese versions from a fansite, Madotsuki’s Closet.[2]

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Um… This article gets several facts wrong. For starters, if you kill Poniko (by stabbing her with the knife), Uboa WON’T appear. He appears in Poniko’s place, and I suppose if her character becomes classed as “dead” the event won’t trigger. Another thing is that “Uboa” is not his official name; no character in Yume Nikki except Madotsuki actually has a name. It’s important to note that Uboa is a fan-made name. What plays when Uboa appears is not so much music as just a continuous “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH…” sound effect. Also, on the Yume Nikki page, it says that he chases you around the room. He’ll only approach you if you use the “cat” effect, and all characters do the same. In fact, I don’t think even touching him is enough to trigger the teleportation; I believe you have to interact with him. The only reason you have to do so is that the room is sealed off when Uboa’s event triggers, so you have to either interact with him or wake up (by pinching yourself). Note that I HAVEN’T PLAYED THE GAME and yet I still know all this.


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