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Vomit-chan is a reaction image that is fairly popular on 4chan. It is usually posted to depict a user’s disgust with the topic at hand.

It is also referred to as “vomit loli”, “vomiting girl”, “vomit-chan”, or “puke-chan”. The image has earned other nicknames, and it is used to the point where many /a/nons are not aware of it being related to Yume Nikki at all.


The original image is a picture of Madotsuki from the game Yume Nikki attempting to contain her vomit. It was was drawn by Pixiv artist 蒼天空 (Aosora)[2] and posted on July 7th, 2010. Aosora is an artist who primarily draws disturbing and violent guro scenes involving fictional girls, frequently using Madotsuki and other Yume Nikki characters. The original picture was titled simple “★嘔吐★” (Vomiting)[3].

Usage of the image likely started on /jp/ and spread out to other boards. It is similar in popularity to the laughing girls image, and is used in boards such as /a/, /jp/, and /v/.[1]

Related Images

There are three images that come from the same collection of drawings that also feature Madotsuki. While not as popular as Vomiting, these are also frequently used on /jp/, /a/, and other boards.

Typically all of these are used as reaction images. The image of her taking pills usually denotes depressing subjects while the one of her going crazy usually depicts that something is either so terrible that the user can’t believe it, or that something is slowly driving the user crazy.

Usage and Examples

This image is commonly seen in taboo subject threads (for example 3D Pig Disgusting threads on /a/). It is used to convey that one considers the subject being discussed incredibly disgusting and vomit-worthy. There are some very creative variations of the image, but the most commonly used one is still the original.

External References

[1]4chan /jp/ – Vomit-Chan

[2]Pixiv – 蒼天空 (Gallery is NSFW and will require a pixiv account to view)

[3]Pixiv – Vomiting (Gallery is NSFW and will require a pixiv account to view)

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