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"Vomit-Chan" is the nickname given to a fanart of Madotsuki, the main character of the indie japanese RPG Yume Nikki, attempting to contain her vomit. The drawing has been often used as reaction image to express disgust towards someone's opinion or facts, in adittion to its use as exploitable template.


The original image was drawn by the Pixiv artist 蒼天空 (Aosora),[2] known for his drawings featuring guro, and originally posted on July 7th, 2010 under the title "★嘔吐★" (Vomiting).[3] The original image can't longer be found on his account.

From the same collection of drawings that feature Madotsuki (also removed from his account), four of them were also adopted as reaction images, without meeting the popularity of "Vomiting". The image of her taking pills usually denotes depressing subjects while the one of her going crazy usually depicts that something is either so terrible that the user can't believe it, or that something is slowly driving the user crazy.

2 フ ㄋ


The first instance of the fanart use as reaction image can be found on a 4chan's japanese board /jp/ thread about visual novels, where one of its posts, submitted on November 27th, 2010, posted the image as reaction to play to the visual novel Idols Galore!.[4] The image remaint dormant during the following weeks, until a thread that featured the image was featured on the same board on December 13th, 2010.[5] The same day, the drawing was featured on a thread submited to 4chan's anime and manga board /a/ that featured an ironic NSFW post.[6] During the following weeks, the drawing was often paired with greentexts to express dismay and disgust for popular opinions on /a/ and /jp/.[1]

View Same Google Yandex iqdb Anonymous Sat 27 Nov 2010 23:12:43 No.6516289 Tried "Idols Galore!" on a whim. MY POOR EYEEsssssSSS SauceNA。 1290787624432.jpg,61KB, 600x600 Report

At some point, the original image inspired derivates, becoming an explotable. The image is also refered as "vomit-chan.jpg", used as reaction without posting the image, and Madotsuki has been often labeled as "Vomit-Chan" due the popularity of the drawing.[7]

Various Examples

Madotsuki Puke Parody "lka-Chan" Style By: Mugenjohncel www.studiomugenjohncel.wordpress.comm

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