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Warning: This page contains material that may be considered not safe for work.

Disclaimer from Hodge-Stansson Productions:

caution from videos creator-

WARNING: EXTREME PROFANITY AND CONTENT. 18 & UP. A young man recounts a day at the mall with a girl he found unacceptable. The first in a series!


On August 22, 2006, “Unforgivable” was uploaded to YouTube under the user name HodgeStansson. The video features Gunnar Fritz Stansson, improvising a profane, angry, stream-of-consciousness rant.

But unlike many videos of that description, the comedy in this video lies not in the extend of the profanity used, but rather the “out of left field” nature of some of the comments Stansson would come up with at moments when it seems like he’s talked himself into a corner. An example is the phrase, “Bitch, you ain’t no nerd?” which seems to surprise Stansson himself, as he says it.

To add to the sheerly ridiculous nature of the video, director Logan Hodge can be heard cracking up as he shoots the footage; often triggering Stansson to lose it as well.

Many YouTube users proceeded to making their own “unforgivable” videos, and before anyone knew it, Unforgivable took YouTube over. The creators of the series even made a website selling unforgivable memorabilia. HodgeStansson has made plenty of other hilarious videos for YouTube, but in my opinion, the unforgivable series will always be a favorite.

The Unforgivable Store

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The following data on the Unforgivable series was collected on July 2nd, 2009.

  • Unforgivable was uploaded August 22nd, 2006 and has 8.1 million views
  • Unvorgivable #2 was uploaded September 09, 2006 and has 8.6 million views
  • Unforgivable #3 was uploaded October 17, 2006 and has 6.7 million viwes
  • Unforgivable #4 was uploaded December 29, 2006 and has 7.7 million views
  • Is That Unforgivable was uploaded September 18, 2007 and has just under 2 million views.
  • Unforgivable A was uploaded April 14, 2008 and has about 703,000 views.
  • Unforgivable Formula C was uploaded November 10, 2008 and has about 450,000 views.
  • Unforgivable #5 was uploaded September 25, 2008 and has just over 610,000 views.

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