Your Mother Jerks Off Pigs

Your Mother Jerks Off Pigs

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“Your mother jerks off pigs.” is a non-sequitur rebuttal for an argument that concluded a 2 day long flamewar within the comments of a reddit submission posted early December of 2013.


The argument arose in the comment section of a submission titled “Blindfold dildo prank…in da hood.”[1] One of the residents of the area clearly gestures that he is going to punch the prankster and the incident appears in the video in the span of 2 or 3 seconds. User “Fartingsunshine” refers to the man drawing back to punch the prankster as a “violent degenerate” and is replied to by another user who insinuates that Fartingsunshine came to that conclusion due to the race of the person involved. A 2 day flamewar ensues with accusations of racism, and denials and assertions of the gestures exhibited in the video.

The argument concludes with the following exchange.

User fb95dd7063:

I even screenshotted it for you and the man is clearly not drawing his arm back. You see what you want to see. You want to see him as a violent degenerate.

I see a guy upset at being taunted and mocked on camera.

In any case. I’m sorry (not really) that you think a white guy (me) is racist for saying “white people”

We have reached an impasse and as a result anything else I post here is gonna be pasta.


Yeah because you screenshot something that doesn’t show any motion. The video shows him drawing back as if he is going ot punch the guy.

Your mother jerks off pigs. She gets down on her knees and crawls through the pigpiss mud slop and snuggles up to the pig, her fingers tracing along it’s belly until she finds it’s cock. She begins tugging and stroking as her twat moistens, her breasts swelling and her nipples begin to stick out like erasers on a fresh #2 pencil. She grunts with satisfaction as the pig begins eagerly thrusting into her hand, her grip now tightening to maintain control of the pig’s greasy corkscrew cock. She lowers her head to watch the cock work in her hand, groans with satisfaction and begins working her clit with her other muddy hand, her hips gyrating with the rhythm of the pig’s thrusting.

“Oh fucking jesus god yes..” she gasps. She changes positions, still maintaining control of the feverishly thrusting cock as the pig’s squealing intensifies. She leans forward and with her lips almost touching the pig’s ear, she whispers your name and begins to shudder. She turns her attention again to the pigs swollen member rocking in her hand. She presses it between her hand and her face, the pig thrusting it against her cheeks as she drools. With a massive grunt and a high pitched squeal, the pig’s balls explode, beginning a massive shower of hot, sour pig jizz. You mother cups one hand under the fountain of steaming genetic material gathering it in her hand as the thrusting comes to an end. The pig shudders and begins to walk to the trough of slop in the corner of it’s pen, but your mother tackles it to the ground. She lifts it’s tail and smears the handful of pig load into the pig’s own fetid butthole, turning flakes of crusty pig shit into a pigshit-pigjizz mud slop on the pigs ass. Now she tilts her head to the sky and screams your name, not once, not twice, but three times. She slams her face full force into the pig’s butthole and it’s wreath of shitsemen pudding, her tongue machine gun flicking the rim and then burying itself to the hilt inside the pig’s hot colon. Your mother works her tongue around the inside of the pigs ass, and then as a few incoherent syllables escaped her now brown lips, spurts of female ejaculate spurt from her pulsating cunt. Exhausted, she collapses in the mud, rolls over onto her back, and lights a cigarette. She takes one long drag, looks again to the sky, and speaks your name one last time before she drifts off to sleep.

That’s your mom. Your mom does that.


The comment thread initially ended there for a day or more before being found and submitted by a member of the /r/subredditdrama.[2] The post quickly ascended to /r/subredditdrama’s front page. The users of /r/subredditdrama rushed to the thread and despite largely downvoting most of u/fartingsunshine’s comments, the climactic “Your mother jerks off pigs” comment had received as of the writing of this article 150 upvotes and one month of “Reddit Gold”,a gift with a U.S. $5 value. SRD commentators heralded the the 2 paragraph insult as “brilliant”, “pure shock and awe”, “a spellbinding narrative”, and “the nuclear option of arguing”.

Copypasta Usage

Within 2 days ‘Your mother jerks off pigs." appeared as copypasta in several places on Reddit. One Askreddit Comment of the copypasta, answering the question “If you could only post the same one sentence to everything you wanted to reply to on reddit, what would your sentence be?”[3] received over 1,000 comment karma within a day. The copypasta also began appearing outside of Reddit at approximately the same time, including uses and references by Dutch twitter users, appearance on,[4] a message board for fans of the band “Phish”[5] and even the Facebook group Spooderman,[6] where users reported and requested removal of the post in under 5 minutes. It also has made appearances on 4chan’s /b/ and /tv/[7] boards.


[1]reddit – Blindfold dildo prank…in da hood [NSFW]

[2]reddit – ‘She slams her face full force into the pig’s butthole’ – A 2+ day argument – first about racism… [NSFW]

[3]reddit – If you could only post the same one sentence to everything you wanted to reply to on reddit, what would your sentence be?

[4]funnyjunk – pokemon

[5]Phish – A quick essay about your mother.

[6]Facebook – Spooderman

[7] – Christmas Torture Porn Marathon Stream

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Mfw reading the guy’s comment.

Seriously thought, what the fuck. I haven’t even seen so in detail “sex scene” (if you can call it that) in good written erotic fanfiction.

Also +1 work. A little more organization will be nice.


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