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Most of these are laughable, but this one’s actually logical. A mentally developed kid suffers a lot more from dying than an unconscious wiggle-worm in the uterus. Plus a kid has already had time and energy invested towards growing them into a productive person. Nipping a fetus at the bud isn’t wasting any stock of effort. And if you want to cry about the great person that the baby might have been, then you can go breed a hundred new ones. There’s no shortage of sperm and eggs in the world.


Ever since reading “Freakonomics”, I have supported abortion insofar as it gives people who are totally unprepared for parenthood a way to back out. Why? Well, it’s hard for me to explain myself… but basically, ever since abortion was legalized, crime rates have gone down. This is because most fetuses who get aborted are, well, unwanted, and their parents would have done a crappy job of providing for their needs, causing them to turn to crime as a way to meet their needs or simply lash out at a society that they believe doesn’t give a sh** about their well-being. A reduction in the number of children born in sh**ty households, therefore, results in a reduced number of criminals.


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