Apple iPad Crush Ad and controversy.

Apple iPad Crush Ad

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Apple iPad Crush Ad or Apple iPad Crushing Machine Commercial refers to a controversial advertisement for the 2024 Apple iPad tablet in which a large hydraulic press crushes down several musical instruments (like a piano and guitar) and physical pieces of entertainment into an iPad. The advert, released in early May 2024 and meant to show how compact an iPad is with all of the things it can do, was met with severe pushback from fans and others online (particularly many Japanese users) who were upset at the ad for showing Apple trampling over legacy media and destroying vintage items.


On May 7th, 2024, as part of a presentation on Apple and the upcoming iPad product line, CEO Tim Cook posted on X[1] calling the new iPad a "Pro" series, with it being the thinnest product ever made while still having an M4 chip, earning over 38 million views in one day (shown below).

Immediately following the post, people began to show their distaste for the ad. On May 7th, 2024, X user @TrungTPhan[2] did a QRT in which he referenced and posted a prior viral video known as "Evolution of the Desk" and said that the Apple advertisement was a more depressing version of it (shown below).


Community hate for the ad continued into the next day, with more social media users giving takes on it and decrying the company. For example, on May 8th, 2024, X user @thisisfoster[3] uploaded the ad in its entirety, while adding his own voiceover and on-screen captions to explain why he hates the ad, specifically calling out the overreliance on digital and lack of analog in the world (shown below).

As the day went on, hate for the ad and pushback against Apple continued to appear online en masse, with several users noting that the promo video was especially disliked in Japan, a country known for being technologically deep-rooted in analog. On May 8th, X user @AngelicaOung[4] uploaded several screenshots of Japanese social media users who are loudly upset at the ad and letting their voices be heard (shown below).

Angelica @AngelicaOung ... Everybody hated That Apple Ad but the Japanese REALLY hated it. I've never seen so many upset Japanese ppl commenting on a single thread: Tou destroyed all the creative tools and effort of humans. Worst. Commercial. Ever. 16 549 27K destroyed. I don't think the creators will like this video. Is it my Japanese sensibility that makes me feel this way? 9821 @mao9821-13h We Japanese have a way of life that values people, things, and works of art. In Japan, one of the meaningful markets for your company, I believe that many sensitive people were hurt by this advertising expression. I am a long time fan of the iPad Pro, but this is too sad image. 滝田信二ご相談はチャットから16h I love playing musical instruments. Give me a piano or a guitar, and I can spend hours practicing or creating music. With paper and pencils, I can draw endlessly. I used to feel the same about the iPad, but now I realize I was mistaken. 5 128 701 ili 80K • 12:17 PM - May 8, 2024 1.3M Views 180 632 8.5K 563K 高杉@沼を駆けだすエンジニア 17h Many craftsmen value their tools. www Musicians value their instruments, architects value their rulers, painters value their brushes and painting materials more than life itself. The video you presented "all in one", but it will アップルは今までの道具達に敬意を払えない企 業だと思われてしまう最悪のCMだと思いまし た。制作した人にも、 それを許可したアップル にも失望しました。 今すぐにアクションをしめ すべきです。 I thought it was the worst commercial I've ever seen that made Apple seem like a company that has no respect for the tools they have used. I am

The controversy surrounding the advert did not stay on X, with different content creators making TikToks that explain or go over the issues with the ad itself.

On May 8th, 2024, Apple tech reviewer Sam Kohl[5] uploaded a TikTok to the platform in which he went over the ad, various news stories and reactions to the ad, before trying to explain the reasoning behind the ad and calling it an "uncommon L" for the company (shown below).

@imsamkohl Apple’s new iPad Pro ad is facing serious backlash #apple #ipadpro #yikes #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Sam Kohl

Samsung "Creativity Can't Be Crushed" Ad

On May 15th, 2024, Samsung released an ad capitalizing on the backlash to Apple's Crush ad with the tagline "Creativity Can't Be Crushed." The ad divided viewers, as some appreciated Samsung's response, while others felt it was hypocritical of the company to say "Creativity can't be crushed" but also advertise "Galaxy AI" in their tablet.

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@applevisionshow How did you feel about the Apple iPad ad? #ipad #ipadevent #appleevent #applevisionshow #consumertech ♬ original sound – Applevisionshow

@shwinnabego Apple is getting dragged for their new ipad ad, but I don’t think its so bad (and is actually a good thing) #branding #marketing #advertising ♬ original sound – Ashwinn 💡 brand, biz, mkting
@popculturebrain Apple just released this new ad for the iPad Pro and people are REALLY mad about it (Sources: X, Variety, Apple) #apple #ipadad #ipad #ipadpro ♬ original sound – Alex | Pop Culture Brain

@kevinhelpus #technews #ipad #apple ♬ Iphone Theme Song Trap Remix – Zombr3x

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Mr. Watcher
Mr. Watcher

Did you know, back in old Black and White entertainment, grand pianos were often destroyed for gags (like falling from a roof or something). People didn't like this because the grand piano is rather difficult to create and it was never made to just be destroyed, so gags featuring it being destroyed were retired (except may be in cartoons for obvious reasons)…

Here, not only does this ad destroy a nice old piano, but a classic CRT TV, a more modern record player, and a lot of art supply. This only tells me the people behind the ad cares little for entertainment of the past, but also creativity as well.

Ok being less booksmart now, I see a lot of stuff getting destroyed and it is entertaining. This… Feels odd tho. Like I don't get why this stuff is being destroyed besides to make a point? I don't even get to see the beautiful mess after, just a silly Ipad. This ad really doesn't feel like it's doing it's job right.


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