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But, doesn’t it make more sense for them to be white?
I mean, within the context of the story, it wouldn’t really make much sense for some of them to be a different race from each other. Ponies, to our knowledge, don’t seem to have alternate races besides the horn/wings/earth. If they’re humanized, they would all be the same race (unless you want to make the wing/horn/earth determine racial differences, which would be so full of unfortunate implications…).

Forgive me, but none of the ponies are black, nor are they any other race besides white-european. It just doesn’t make sense. Their voice actors are white, Equestria is modeled after the atmosphere of Victorian England, and the Zebras already fill the role of “african” characters. The ponies are white, end of thread.

Believe me, I have no problems with racial diversity, but having token minorities in places where they don’t make any sense, just for the purpose of having token minorities, is rediculous. It’s a minor pet peeve of mine, and I’m genuinely sorry if I come off as insensitive.


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