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Crimson Locks
Crimson Locks

If you actually watched Monster High which I totally don’t, you people are crazy…. Why are you all staring at me? you would know that Frankie Stein (the one with black and white hair) is the “leader” i.e. protagonist of the story. So at least that last point is flawed. Besides that, it makes me quite uneasy seeing people compare the brands so much, because the most similarities I see are
- It takes place in high school
- Their feet are huge (but EQG they’re at least not wearing ridiculously high heels)
- They have strangely colored skin

You know what other show holds these qualities? Doug. So I guess they both rip off Doug, too.

Also, I think it’s worth noting that Monster High is a “fashion doll” toy line, and while I do not know what the aim for the EQG dolls are yet, I think that they will be more of a “collectible” toy line like their pony counterparts.


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