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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

in reply to Brucker

It’s just an observation.

I notice this happening with pretty much everything that goes viral. There’s a stage where everyones talking about it and spreading it, basically making it look like the best thing ever. This tends to be the first thing that happens for the big viral stuff

Then there’s a period of backlash where people are tired of seeing it and start calling it overused, cancerous, forced etc etc.

If the backlash is bad enough, even the backlash gets backlashed with people coming back to defend it and calling all the hate itself cancerous.

All this hate/love seems to go back and forth with diminishing returns until everyone stops caring

This happened to Doge, Twilight, Harry Potter, MLP, Furries, Advice animals, plenty of memes.

In theory


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