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Natsuru Springfield
Natsuru Springfield

“Ridley should be in smash bros!”

“Yeah, even though he is a staple of the Metroid Series, he’s more oftentimes than not been potrayed as a dragon up to 3-8 times the size of Samus. He’s too big.”

“Wait, really? What about the old NES Ridley? He was just a bit taller than Samus when on his hind legs!”

“You sure you want that mate?”

“How about just shrink the more recent Ridleys down? It’s not the first time they have scaled him!”

“It would ruin the scaling. Even though there are plenty of characters who have been scaled up for the game, Ridley has to remain scaled to Samus.”

“Okay, then what about Bowser?”

“Bowser canonically changes sizes whenever the hell he feels like it. Remember; The Mushroom Kingdom has Shrooms that can Grow and Shrink People, and he has taken a smaller size before in order to drive Karts. For the record, Bowser in smash is the average size he actually takes when not taking over the world.”

“Okay, what if we just mini-mushroomed Ridley and called him a heavyweight?”

“That’s the thing: Ridley is a building sized dragon… who moves with the speed and ease of a lightweight. That’s what makes him so dangerous in the Metroid Games. Look at his design for a moment and realize: He’s one skinny mo-fo. If you shrink him down he is pretty much Sticks.”

And that’s when the argument reaches this image.


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