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Here, lemme fix that for you.

-Low sex drive
-Low sex drive (or, in the romantic case, “normal,” since romance can only exist with someone you’ve bonded with)
-Three more sexualities that are all essentially the same (yeah, I understand the differences but since not identifying as male or female is both very rare and mental (thus limiting the attraction to them to the romantic spectrum) they’re all the same in practice)

Seriously, I’m bi (or pan, or poly, or bazoowop, whatever you want to call it) myself, but I’m drawing the line at SBJs making up their own sexualities out of het guilt. There are four sexualities (het, homo, a, and bi/pan/poly) and four gender identities at most (male, female, agender, and some sort of male/female mixture (help me out here hg, is there some sort of term for that???)). People, stop making up nonexistent sexualities and gender identities so you can claim you’re minorities you aren’t. You’re making the rest of us look bad.


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