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10 TikToks To Get You All Hyped Up About 'Hogwarts Legacy'

After much anticipation, Hogwarts Legacy is finally here, and despite all the controversies surrounding the game, it seems everyone is having a blast. As we edged closer and closer to the release of the game, more and more doubt started to build up in people's minds, from skeptics who believed that it won't be as good as it seems, to other controversies regarding the fan's support of the Harry Potter series (given JK Rowling's track record).

That being said, it's definitely safe to say that the game has been very well received, and has met the expectations of almost everyone that has been eagerly waiting to fulfill their Wizarding fantasies. On TikTok, there has been a recent 'house battle' trend, with the 4 houses all making videos to mock or taunt each other in the game. There have also been lots of comparisons to Elden Ring regarding the gameplay, especially considering the number of spells and similar dodge buttons. All in all, the support that this game has received has been outstanding, so we hope these TikToks can convince any doubtful fans to try out the game for themselves.

Harry Potter And The Elden Wand

@spectrexgaming Jokes aside the game is a W #gamingontiktok #hogwartslegacy #harrypotter ♬ Watch This (Lil Uzi Vert) [ARIZONATEARS Pluggnb Remix] – sped up nightcore & ARIZONATEARS

Apparently, Elden Ring is the very first game to invent a dodge button.

No One Is Ready

@kymani..artz It’s gonna be on site with him🐍 #hogwarts #hogwartslegacy #slytherin🐍 #slytherin #gametok #gaming #gamingontiktok #harrypotter #voldemort #fyp #fypシ #viral #xyzbca blank" title="♬ original sound – Enrique Gurule" href="">♬ original sound – Enrique Gurule

I don't think the developers can grasp the amount of chaos that will unfold if they ever add multiplayer.

Gotta Love Herbology

@khalilpayne255 Neville Rizzbottom#hogwartslegacy #hogwarts #harrypotter #wizardingworld #professorgarlick #herbology #CapCut ♬ original sound – Mommy Detector

It's only been 3 days and we've already found someone to simp over.

We're In Trouble

@mighty2noob 😈😈😈 - Clip from YouTube Studio C – Homeschooler at Hogwarts - #gaming #gamingontiktok #foryou #foryoupage #harrypotter #hogwartslegacy ♬ original sound – Mighty Noob

It seems everyone who's playing the game just wants to become Voldemort, and I can't really blame them.

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