On left: a bird getting romantic with a woman in an office copy-machine room. On right -- a person in a spiky suit of organic material that is difficult to describe.

11 Bizarre Images To Baffle Your Brain

Weird. Bizarre. Strange. Eerie. Uncanny. Unearthly. Mystifying. Kooky. Oddball. Singular. And that’s the end of the thesaurus entry. Sometimes, you happen upon an image you just can’t unsee and just can’t describe in words. The only real way to tell someone about it is to show it to them. The image doesn’t feel bad or good necessarily, it just strikes your brain like a strong wind and blows your attention in a totally different direction from where it was fixed before. Something's just…off about it, and that's sometimes the best sort of image out there, because where would we be without confusion and our online debates about what exactly these mean?

Images like this are sometimes made by nature, and sometimes made by the ever-inventive hands and minds of human stock photographers. They are posted on the predictably-named subreddit /r/Weird. So sit back, suspend disbelief, and enjoy thirteen (yes, the weirdest number, thirteen) weird images carefully selected to optimize your scrolling pleasure.

Not For Patient Care


(Source: Reddit)

A Threat From Walt


(Source: Reddit)

Medieval Meme

(Source: Reddit)

Even in the Middle Ages, things were strange. Weirdness lurked everywhere, and has always been with us. A universal force like love.

Bananas Glitching

(Source: Reddit)

Watching Quality Content

(Source: Reddit)

Obviously, Shrek is required viewing for every pony in the collection.

Puffy Porsche

(Source: Reddit)

This new model inflates when it feels threatened, like certain kinds of fish do.

Tortoise Tales

(Source: Reddit)

Stock Photo Love

gettyimages Nick Dolding 89975294

(Source: Reddit)

Worth The Buy

Game Boy. More fun than a ferret idown your trousers.

(Source: Reddit)

Most things are better than a ferret down your pants, so Gameboy isn't really making a solid pitch here.


Selling chicken Teddy bears (Homemade I make them myself) Chickens have lots of extra parts when you are cooking them. So I can make a bear out of 2 chickens. $25 if you supply chicken $35 if I provide the chicken EDIBLE AND CAN BE COOKED ONCE THE KIDS ARE DONE PLAYING WITH IT! IT'S A GREAT FAMILY ACTIVITY!

(Source: Reddit)

Suit Up

(Source: Reddit)

Wear this next time you go out to the club and you are guaranteed to be the flyest person on the dance floor.

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