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13 Terrible Stories That Definitely Didn't Happen

Lying online is a hobby for some, but those who do it for fun usually at least do it well. Life is boring sometimes, and crafting up extravagant stories to make it seem like your life is a lot more interesting can be thrilling. When done poorly, though, all it does is make you look worse and cause a widespread cringe amongst those who read it and just know it's all a lie. There's so many genres of fake social media stories. Some of the common ones include things a child definitely didn't say, stories that end in everyone clapping, and insanity-filled phenomenons in an attempt to change people's views and opinions.

Stories created purely for attention regularly cause the sarcastic verbal reaction of a snark-filled "that happened." So, Reddit users band together to screenshot and collect heinous online lies into one subreddit, /r/thathappened. From Facebook moms to TikTok teens, no one's lies are safe.

Yeah he Definitely Thought You Were a Witch

| that one time i had a suspicion my ex was cheating on me, so i slept instead of confronting him. i knew it would come to me in my dreams... in it, he was typing his password into a cracked phone, with a black boa constrictor suffocating him. the name of the girl was written with the strands of his hair across the ground, and i even saw them kiss before he took his "last breath." i woke up & wrote the password down on a piece of paper, and logged into his snapchat. it worked. i saw her name, and their messages. i was right. sunshine he thought i was a witch. he was so confident i wouldn't be able to...See more ♫und - notarabbiyet - llan (

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That's The Message?

My cousin, who works as a flight attendant, said she was in the aisle section when a passenger came and told her that her husband needed water and coffee, informed her of his seat number, and went to the washroom. She went and served him water and coffee; (1/2) 17:48 18 Feb 23 159K Views 142 Retweets 45 Quotes 1,908 Likes 27 he was surprised and asked her how she knew he needed coffee. She replied, "Your wife told me." He said my wife passed away, and I'm flying with her dead body today. Her body is in cargo. (2/2) 24 1344 go 1,266 il₁1 38.2K 8

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Causing Trouble Out Here

TODAY I DECIDED TO CAUSE TROUBLE!! I went to a RESTAURANT and after seeing every table being occupied by couples, I took out my phone and made a very loud phone call saying, "YES GIRLFRIEND, YOUR MAN IS HERE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN. JUST COME AND SEE" Eight men got up and left...

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Exactly 55%

I was picking up my Chipotle order when one of the employees complimented my Pro-Woman Pro-Life shirt. He told me that when he was homeless he used to look for food in the trash, and one day he searched through the dumpster at Planned Parenthood. He was nearly in tears as he said that it was 55% fetal corpses. Some of them were even screaming in agony as they clung to life. He broke down, and as the manager hugged him, I gave him some of my Avon business cards and told him to let his homeless pals know they always had a job with me. Everyone in line nodded and cheered (save for a homely young "couple" in the back) and the manager told me my meal was on the house. Like Reply Share 1w Like Reply Share 1w would rather eat dumpster fetus than chipotle lol 11 38

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Please be satire.

You're Such an Amex Person

Just been told I look like an Amex person. The fallafel guy at the street market told me "no amex" when I wasn't even trying to pay with Amex. "Sorry Sir, you look like Amex person"

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Law School Stuff

It was day one of law school. Nervous chatter halted as our infamous professor swung open the doors and entered class for the first time. He was 20 minutes late, but he didn't care. He walked to the podium slowly. He placed down his books carefully. He found the page calmly. And then he looked up for a victim. "What is this case about?" he asked. 90 hands shot up. We had spent hours preparing for this question, reading the assigned text closer than we had ever read anything in our lives before. "You," he said, pointing to a student. "What is this case about?" The student replied. "Wrong!" he howled. He pointed to another student. "Do you know? What is this case about?" The second student replied. "Wrong!" he yelled. "Did anyone read?" Hands waved. Eyes grasped for attention. A third student replied. "Still wrong!" the professor exclaimed. "You didn't read. For next class, do the reading." He closed the page. He gathered his things. He left the podium. And 3 minutes after he first swung open the doors, our professor walked out.

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She's Not Like Other Girls

11:06 LIVE tRepost > Me knowing I can't relate to this song because I tackled my ex to the ground in front of his mom and she was cheering me on and recording Soft Following For You seventeen going under (Contains music... Home 31 Friends + Q Inbox 2654 14 94 4 Oc Profile

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She's also clinically insane.

The Album Really Sold it For me

LIVE 11:38 Following For You Home When you accidentally convince a random college to let your (fake) kazoo band play the national anthem at a game, so you scramble to find people to play in your (now real) kazoo band and now you're getting ready for your second performance, with 3 more performances and an album lined up 11 Friends + 47 8 Inbox Q 13 L oc Profile

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Didn't Know Cheetah's Were Wise Like That

An experiment was conducted to see if greyhounds could compete with the speed of a cheetah. When the cages opened, folks were shocked that the cheetah didn't move. They asked the race coordinator what had happened and why the cheetah didn't move. His response: "Sometimes trying to prove that you're the best is an insult to your self-worth. There is no need to lower yourself to other people's level to make them understand your skills, qualities and contributions. It is better to save your energy for more worthy endeavours. A cheetah uses its speed to hunt, not to prove to dogs that it is faster and stronger. Don't waste your time and energy proving your value to folks who simply don't possess the skill set to appreciate your value and worth. Move on." LAME

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So Proud

BE NOMATRIX Dave Lewis @gattaca My daughter went to a laser quest birthday party yesterday. She set her username to "a girl”. I asked why she didn't pick 'bloodstone' or 'skull-crusher” and she said, "So every time I zapped a boy they'd know it was a girl that took them out." Proud Dad.

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I Don't Think That's How it Works

When I was 11 I found out my brother was lactose intolerant so when he was sleeping I put a humidifier filled with milk in his room and watched him sh!t himself while he was sleeping IVで C AUD C rugt 105 3K 36) 324 0 198

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This girl on Instagram posted her plane ticket and I called and cancelled her flight

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Why would you even brag about this?

Soooo True

Me, talking about how in Breath Of The Wild there is no set path and you can do whatever you want and it's intimidating to me. Levi: Yeah, well you play that type of game everyday. It's called life. Thank you 8 year old

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