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15 Anti-Memes That Are Very Different From Your Regular Memes

This genre has become a popular online subject for those who appreciate memes that subvert traditional expectations. This subreddit /r/antimeme is dedicated to sharing memes that intentionally reject humour and instead focus on anti-jokes, irony and non-sequiturs. The memes here often feature simplistic, minimalistic, or abstract designs that intentionally avoid the typical visual cues of a traditional meme. The humour of these memes often lies in their rejection of humor, with the punchline being a complete non-sequitur or a subversion of the viewer's expectations. These memes intentionally reject the established norms of internet humour, providing a unique and refreshing perspective for those looking for something outside the norm.

These memes appeal to those who are tired of the same old jokes and who appreciate the unconventional and the unexpected. As such, the subreddit /r/antimeme has become a beloved online community for those who appreciate memes that reject traditional humor. Its unconventional content and highly creative community have made it a unique and valuable resource for anyone looking to push the boundaries of what a meme can be. So, here are a few of the best and highest-voted memes from this popular subreddit.

Save the children.

If they only knew, but our job is to make sure they don't. shark another shark

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Works 100% of the times.

nationalparkservice NATIONAL PARK SERVICE National Park Service @NatlParkService Follow ●●● To avoid crowds, visit areas that are less crowded. a v Liked by penny.fm and 405,829 others nationalparkservice Deep thought... more Σ

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So real.

me watching all of my ships fall apart bc don't know how to build ships

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Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal when he's acting in a movie: made with mematic N

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We have flying cars.

1980: I bet we'll have flying cars in the future 2023: OM-KLZ

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Do we actually have flying cars tho?

So real.

White people be like Black people be like

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Panicked woman.


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Some sins.

||| MESSAGES God So you know how some sins are unforgivable? imgillp.com ALL Google how do I change a contact's name in iOS X MAPS now VIDEOS IMAGES NEWS S

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Good job brain.

going to sleep already? you worked really hard today, goodnight. yes...

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Gun with silencer Gun Aerodynamics of a cow The spanish inqusition

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Aerodynamics of a cow is a subject no one should miss out on.

Real horsemen.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse

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I think they know now.

i dont get it It's an arabic letter

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Real and burnt.

Types of Headaches Migraine Stress made with mematic Hypertension Dipping your head in a deep fryer while wearing an n-95 mask

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The pain is real (Talking about the leftover mask part)

We all know.


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They're not great at introducing themselves.

Quick animal fact Most bobcats are not named bob

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They're usually named "psps-", you can try calling them by that name.

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