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15 Distressing Memes From Disturbed Redditors

Once in a while, we all get tired of the same old memes. Memes that aim to make us laugh just don't do it for us sometimes. Instead, we might find ourselves searching for something different. Something unique and unforgettable. Something meant to entertain us without relying on the same sense of humor we're all too used to. And here, we're bringing you just what you were looking for. The only thing is, you might not like what you've found.

Distressing memes have gained a large following on Reddit since late 2021. These memes aren't even close to what you'll usually see on social media, because very few people would dare post something this dark. Distressing memes often envision disturbing scenarios that will never happen or rely on our classic fears, like loneliness, the unknown and many more things you'd never think would be covered in a meme. Here are some examples of memes that turned distressing.

Chad Concerns

ohio is funny there is microplastics in your blood that can break your brain barrier noooo ohio isn't funny at all big companies are responsible for 70% of pollution worldwide

(Source: Reddit)

I guess there's a lot more important things to be worried about.

That’s a Twist

It’s a Cruel World

The Backrooms

That feeling when you no-clip into the backrooms but it isn't populated with thousands of different levels with societies like the wiki said, not even any monsters to keep you on your toes, just the same, endless yellow hallways that stretch on forever, infinite nothingness, with the cocophany of buzzing fluorescent lights drilling into your ears, you begin to wonder if you saw what you saw or heard what you heard. After a few hours you become desperate for something to break the agonising monotony of this place, a piece of furniture, a change in architecture, something. ANYTHING. But everything is still the same. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. -P

(Source: Reddit)

The Backrooms is a popular concept that works great with distressing memes.

I’ll Pass, Thanks

That's okay, staying inside never hurt anyone, right?

Science Is Disturbing

Le Biologist Le Examine it Le fishe with parasites Į They don't use oxygen... The parasites don't breathe....

(Source: Reddit)

It's always a little unnerving how there's stuff science can't explain living right next to us.

Such Fun Thoughts

“What’s in the Box?”

It’s Amazing Humanity Survived This Long

And don't even get me started on the Library of Alexandria.

This Seems Like a Bad Idea

The military made a robot that can eat organisms for fuel ah sweet man-made horrors beyond my comprehension,

(Source: Reddit)

Wholesome Childhood Memories

After the Train Derailment

"I have the day off today. I think I'm going to go fishing." - clueless "Oh, look at those dark clouds. I think it might rain today." "Oh.. all the fish are dead.."

(Source: Reddit)

Based on distressing real events.

Cool AI

me in the year 2042 asking the the highly developed Al to create "the most horrifying image ever" not knowing i am seconds away from pulling my eyes out and screaming to the point of destroying my vocal chords: made with mematic

(Source: Reddit)

War Crime

Mommy why is the sky orange? I don't know honey, let's get back home

(Source: Reddit)

Why Does Hell Look Like Rural Colorado?

Me and my devoted Christian family standing in the dark depths of hell watching God and his angels laugh at us from Heaven (Heaven was not made for us, but for them, the eternal bliss only consisting of the pleasure of watching the ones God tricked burn forever):

(Source: Reddit)

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