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15 History Memes To Teach You Some Weird Trivia Facts

History memes are timeless. Instead of focusing on things like trendy formats and current events, these memes explore the potential of the many thousands of years before our time that often go ignored in typical meme material. Even though we've grown up in a very different era, why should we pretend people in ancient history weren't doing some pretty cool things that none of us will ever live up to?

Apparently, we're not the only ones to live in some strange and turbulent times. Throughout history, everyone else has been doing it, too. And sometimes, the stories they wind up with are ridiculous enough to make some great memes. These memes might not make your APUSH teacher very happy, but for the rest of us, they're pretty great. After all, they finally put all those history facts you were forced to learn to good use. Here are some of our favorite memes based on world history.

Staying Neutral

How most people think Switzerland saw WW2 B How Switzerland actually saw WW2

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Cruel Tactic

WW1 France in a nutshell My general, too many french people are dying in this war Get this rifle and go die for us made with mematic Don't worry Pierre, I have the solution. Oki Doki

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They Can't Steal the Formula If You Lock Them Up

The Republic of Venice being Europe's largest producer of luxury glass www Murano glass workers not being allowed to ever leave the island

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Poor Nazi Germany

Alright, countries! How much did you last against the 3rd Reich in WW2? Despite of being screwed by the USSR too, I've lasted more than a month! Poland - 35 days 1 week! That's it! Netherlands - 7 days I lasted around 2 months against Germans during WW2! Norway - 61 days At least you lasted more than a month! Greece - 24 days I'm very small, so it makes sense! Luxembourg - 1 day You're pretty lucky, Norway! France - 46 days Both Belgium and I lasted 18 days! Belgium & Yugoslavia - 18 days Imagine taking a nap in Denmark, but waking up in Germany! Denmark - 6 hours

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Slavery Has Always Been Bad

We shouldn't judge historic figures based on modern standards Why not? O

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Any Century Now

Rome is about to win Rome is about to win Rome is about to win 54 BC 243 AD 628 AD ra Persia is about to win Persia is about to win Persia is about to win

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Real Pirates Were Cool

Notorious pirate Jean Lafitte when the Governor of Louisiana posted a $500 reward for his capture r/czarcasm3 guess I'll offer $5,000 for the capture of the governor made with mematic

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Never Heard of Him

fa Historical significance George Washington 1st US President made with mematic Robert Walpole 1st PM of Great Britain

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Didn't End Well for Them

Henry VIII: *marries a feisty, strong-willed woman* Woman: *Continues to be feisty and strong-willed after he marries her* Henry VIII:

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Thanks, Coca Cola


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Victory for the Ottoman Empire

Tsar Nicholas calls you the sick man of Europe Your empire outlasts his by 5 years 374 001

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Still Counts as History

GOO 2340 upper CERED Horseshoe crabs 5 mass extinctions events, including the Permian that killed over 95% of ocean animals

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Good Times

78 10 Damn it!!! Damn it! I hate being on the front, I wish I could be in one of these forts where nothing bad can happen Meanwhile in Fort de Vaux made with mematic I'm so thirsty that I'm licking the moisture on our walls to survive

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Took Them Long Enough

When you're a slave in 1930s Ethiopia but then white supremacists invade your country and set you free ame at a Time Thanks, Satan.

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Boosting Morale

Japanese Military during WW2: Forces thousands of women into being "comfort girls" for troop morale. The US: USS ARIZONA Dairy Queen ANYSZE SOFT DRINK DRIVE THRU me US NAVY PHOTO 106-8

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