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15 Memes That Are So Bad They're Kind Of Funny

Everyone can appreciate a well-thought-out, curated, and delivered joke. Being a comedian is no easy task, and they deserve the praise they get. Sometimes though the funniest jokes and posts are the ones that on a technical level, are not really funny at all. The kind of memes that became memes purely on accident. This could be a simple silly conversation, a case of word vomit, an innocent ad, or just something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Reddit's r/comedyheaven is a subreddit that is full of these kinds of memes. Comedy heaven is for memes and jokes that are so bad they're good. Kind of like those dogs you see that are so ugly they're cute. Nothing in this subreddit makes a whole lot of sense. It is a lot of pure silliness. Sometimes that's all we really need though, just some silly times. Here we have collected 15 posts and memes that have ascended to comedy heaven.


VI VI Sid Meier's Civilization @CivGame. 2h Hot off the presses. Next Civ game in development!!!!!!! 272 1.141 eze33 @kojiMGMT -2h Source? 3 12 1 5.316 11:30 17-02-23 16,6K Views 51 Sid Meier's Civilization ✔ @CivGame ... 278K 企 13,9K ,↑,

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A Carrera 28 AU #lapizzeriaitaliana Pizzería Oh my God Its an Amazing Hot Dog lapizzeriaitaliana UNSER Barack Conta Oh my God Its an Amazing Hot Dog Barack Obama

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گی King Charles III's coronation oil won't contain sperm whale intestinal wax Insider 2d go ...

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what decision So what do you think of the decision? ohhh sorry! i dont watch boxing A Roe vs Wade... How do you not know?? Read 2:53 AM iMessage

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That's Rough

Our local grocer had an artist do the end caps for each aisle so far so good 13001 eas A SUPPLIES for your little one Kevin Hart @Kevin Hart4real wtf man ya Jasy ups Nites Ups 21.31 2 40% MORE 21-3r Ampers easy ups GoodNites Commons GoodNite J 40% MORE

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14" Meta announces legs TE TechCrunch-10h 55

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Disney All he wants is human flesh. A Disney+ Day Premiere Sept 8 only on DISNEY+

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Tragedy Struck

Queen's Guards try to beat the heat as temperatures soar CBS EVENING NEWS BY ELIZABETH PALMER UPDATED ON: AUGUST 29, 2019/7:43 PM / CBS NEWS fy m

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An Improvement

ORIGINAL Daily Mail Online @MailOnline WITH EYES' Earlier today $1million painting is ruined after 'bored' security guard draws eyes on faceless figures + On his first day on the job, a security guard drew two pairs of eyes with a ballpoint pen onto artist Anna Leporskaya's 'Three Figures' painting (pictured) during an abstract art exhibition in Yekaterinburg, western Russia

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Little Rascals

r/pics • 4h. First time alone for Christmas after coming back from homelessness, at least I have these rascals! 474 25 Share

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I love your accent...where are you from? Ukraine. Wtf? How'd you know?

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Be Warned

S. ure 1 unt Although I am normally friendly I may bite if I'm frightened.

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Roll & Butter Dry Roll O 3 Mushy Peas 9 Beans 0 0 ENS & Chips hips £0.49 £0.40 £0.99 £0.99 Can I Help! My Name is Brian ps LS INCLUDES SMALL DRINK ING ICE CREAM F F (ex C AV P A LA 2. AVAI M Pizz 1 Sa

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Top 4 Fish

officialbigdaddykane 1.) Sturgeon 2.) Opah 3.) Bluegill Bream 4.) Pompano : Someone asked me what kind of fish I like, well here's my Top 4.

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Hello Baby

Two-way Audio Talk Comfort your baby with your own voice Hello,baby Waahhhhh...

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