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15 Memes That Had Their Potentials Obliterated

The issue with memes being so accessible and interactive is the fact that literally anyone can do whatever they want with them. Anyone can call any image or screenshot a meme and share it wherever they want. This leads to users with poor taste oversaturating what could have been a chuckle-worthy image with far too many laughing emojis and capitalized exclamations. Honestly, a lot of times the original meme wasn't even funny, which makes it so much worse. It really shows how low the bar is for some to call something funny. Maybe I envy those people somewhat. Imagine thinking anything is joyous. Imagine not having such a niche sense of humor.

Anyways, Instagram, for whatever reason, seems to be a breeding ground for ruined memes. Reddit users have come together to collect obliterated memes from across social media (mostly Instagram, though) to compile them into /r/ComedyHomicide, where jokes go to die. Here's a collection of 15 cringeworthy times people thought they were helping the cause, when in reality they were killing it, if not kicking it while it was already down.

The What!


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I Can Live With That

He took up two spaces but bought two tickets: MPower I CAN LIVE WITH THAT

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It doesn't even really make sense.

Waiter Saves The Day

The waiter: I GOTCHU Geechi @ThatDakari 6d What's the worst thing a woman has done on the first date? 1,080 12 12.7K kingkay @masaun_k 13.8K *** She literally asked what was their most expensive drink. The waiter met my eyes and the bro code kicked in. He just kept saying everything was out of stock. God bless him where he is now. I went back to give him a tip but he declined.

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Nothing about this one was funny. It's giving that happened vibes. Why would a waiter decline a tip?

What is Going on Here

The volume of a cylinder is found using the formula V = r²h. Using π = 5, r = 10 and h = 10. Find the volume, V. π = 5, PRETTY SURE IT ISN'T Maths would like to know your location.

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Too saturated.

Only for The People Who Know

Last night I your sister People who don't know People who know

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Did it Drop?

If you get it, YOUR MOUTH WILL DROP What is it? Nah I haven't What's so funny? Wait... John Message Today 8:38 AM You ever seen that clown that be hiding from ugly people in Walmart? I gotta question Read the question carefully... Read 8:39 AM

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Sick and tired of text conversation screenshots.


Nobody: Clash of clans: CLASH OF CLANS War has been declared against Iran! YOU WHAT?! 1h ago

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This Wasn't Necessary

beet @beetlechocolate 1d I 90% of men are ugly and 90% of women are pretty. Sorry 83 128 342 Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACC... @ParikPatelCFA Replying to @beetlechocolate We are both in the 10% 1:37 am 04 Dec 22 Twitter for iPhone We are both in the 10% :

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ProgFox Is four a lot? Depends on the context. Dollars? No. Oranges up your ass? Yes. 161 2 years ago Reply N DEPENDS ON IS FOUR A LOT? THE CONTEXT ORANGES UP DOLLARS? NO YOUR ASS, YES

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Need to Know Basis

So it turns out a squirrel would need to fall about 4800 miles in order to die because that would give it time to starve to death because they can survive terminal velocity Rachel I am begging you it is 2:30 in the morning That information is on a need-to-know basis.

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She's a Genius... What if we used 100% of the brain? annie @soychotic Every time I have a programming question and I rly need help, I post it on Reddit and then log into another account and reply to it with an obscenely incorrect answer. Ppl don't care about helping others but they LOVE correcting others. Works 100% of the time

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Fr Who Made This 😂

bro who MADE this fr I am not in danger, Muriel. I am the danger CHILDHOOD RUINED

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Teacher Was Like

Before You Read Some atoms share electrons and become more stable. Describe a situation in which people share something and everyone benefits. Communism. Teacher:

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That's literally what they did.

Adds Nothing. Makes no Sense. INVINCIBLE MOOSE NEXT 5 KM WAIT WHAT

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