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15 People Who Should Have Kept Their Questions To Themselves

I don't remember ever signing up for daily questions from Quora, but at some point I must have, because most mornings, when I look at my phone, I'm met with at least one obscure question headlining an email from Quora. Some are more normal or boring than others. Other times, they are so shocking I think about them for the rest of the day. It's these types of questions that keep me from unsubscribing from those emails. Why is it that people admit to their most messed up thoughts and inquiries on a somewhat unheard-of question sight?

The people of Quora are just a worse version of the people who inhabit Yahoo! Answers. Thankfully, a collective group of people have come together to screenshot and share some of the worst from Quora and compile them into Reddit's /r/InsanePeopleQuora. Instead of asking the general public these questions, please, seek professional help. I am concerned.

The Irony Is Wild

Mats Andersson. Follow B.Sc, M.Sc from Uppsala University. Jan 29 My cat doesn't like her food because it is vegetables but I can't give her meat since I am vegan. How do I get her to like vegetables? Children are the same way but they can learn. Cats are different from humans. You are torturing your cat to death. A vegan diet will kill a cat, because it does not get all the nutrients its body requires. I really fail to understand how a vegan can be so insanely cruel to an animal. 76.9K views • View 5,957 upvotes View 8 shares 45.9K 226 8 226 comments from John Harrold and more :

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Yeah, I Wonder

Quora про Open in App а If my thirteen-year-old daughter is not doing anything bad, what reason would she have to be "uncomfortable" with me placing a camera in her room?

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Valid Question

Atheists, imagine you're a professional boxer and are about to score a knockout punch, earning you millions of dollars, but someone in the crowds threw a Christian baby into the ring which will intercept the punch. Would you kill the baby to win? Follow - 1 i → Request

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Good Question

Could happen one day.

Haven't Heard About This Side Effect

Quora Home Answer Spaces Notifications Q Sea Reproduction Asian People Childbirth Infectious Diseases Babies Genetics and Heredity Pregnancy +4 Is it true that if you catch Coronavirus and then reproduce/conceive, Asian? Answer Follow 1 Request then the baby that will be born will look 000

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What else are they hiding from us?

At Least They're Concerned About Safety

Quora Q > Is-it-possi... Is it possible to lose weight safely by ingesting a parasite? Sep 19, 2019.2 answers Is it possible to lose weight safely by ingesting a parasite? ...

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Jail, Straight to Jail

Follow X Pass Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to online date a 33 year old man? (We've sent sexual pics already) 4 answers. Last followed 1h Answer Answer Follow 1 Pass X

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I adopted my son 5 years ago but he's very misbehaved, is it legal or ethical to return him to the adoption agency? Answer Follow 8 O → Request 01 ... Ad by Asana What is the best project management tool? I might be a little biased, but as an Asana employee, I believe Asana is the best project management tool. With Asana, my entire team has a central source of truth so they know ex... (Continue reading in feed) 000

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I've been hearing the voice of my deceased brother, convinced it's really him. I've also been using meth for 5 years since age 17. Have you had a similar experience?

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That'll Show Him

Quora 16 All related (55) Q Search Quora My 11-year-old son thinks it is cool to drink alcohol. Should I force him to drink a full glass of vodka to teach him a lesson? Answer Follow 6 Request Sort Recommended ✓

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Google Exists For These Questions Exactly

Is England in Canada or Michigan? 1 8 Answer Follow →0 Request i Details ००० More

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No, That Seems Fair

I caught my 13-year-old son playing Roblox. I sent him to a boarding school and revoked his bed privileges. My family calls me insane. Am I a bad parent?

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I Also Need to Know

Quora 1 W про 2 How do I completely get rid of an incubus/succubus demon that has [0] % Answer Follow Open in App 4 O Request been disrupting my sleep and keep disturbing my life? 45 Ơ M 0 Details ००० More

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I Don't Think That's How it Works

Tanlonely Quora Home Answer Open in App Notifs My son hangs out with an autistic kid sometimes and I don't want him to start taking after him and becoming autistic. How can I nip this problem in the bud? Q Answered just now I suggest you have a strong discussion with your child's other parent and suggest that they do the parenting from now on as you sound like a moron. Autism is not contagious, but, I'm afraid stupidity is, so please stop spreading yours. That's quite a bit of damage.

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Just Curious

How are pedestrian lane signs related to your faith experiences in dealing with sacrifices? Edit draft Follow - 1 You have an answer draft Click here to continue writing. Request

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That Sums it Up

Why do people use search engines like Google or social media like Quora to find answers when Jesus Christ has all the answers? 0,5 Answer Follow i Request Details 000 More

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