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15 Satisfying Moments of Juxtaposition

It's not often that things work out just right. Sometimes, though, the planets align and everything adds up in such a way that creates the perfect, comedic coincidence. Finding an occurrence like that in the wild is sure to brighten your day just a little. How lucky are you to have stumbled upon two articles, ads or posts that fit together so perfectly without anyone even trying? Arguably it's even better when it's discovered in real life, but having algorithms work well for once is a delightful experience all on its own.

A wonderful word given to this type of incident is juxtaposition. It's important to document these rare little happy accidents, and luckily many people do, and they then choose to share them with us via Reddit's /r/juxtaposition. Here's 15 recent and comedic examples of the juxtaposition phenomenon.

Fill Your Containers

Hiv Mitt r/todayilearned u/an_onanist • 9h TIL it is against federal law to deceptively fill a container with less than its capacity 41603 SE KORG ... 221 r/mildlyinteresting u/SwashbucklingWeasels • 23h. i.imgur My takeout rice container was 100% filled. 69.7k Share 1224 accessdata.fda Share :

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Someone's trying to avoid a lawsuit.


Crematorium McCrispy 100% chicken breast fillet McDonald's agrees to take down 'tasteless' poster near crematorium A new favourite, here to stay

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10:02 Home ✓ 020 r/AmltheAsshole u/Livid Surprise1681 • 10h AITA for telling my husband he may need to reconsider riding a motorcycle once our first child is born I (30) F have been married to my husband who is also 30 for 5 years and been together for 8. My husband became interested in motorcycles about 3 years ago.It is something I have never liked as I feel motorcycles are... 1085 ↑ Share r/Naturels FuckingLit u/Queerlytack • 8h • bicycle A Home This Mantis looks like it's riding a 815 op 0 Q Discover + Create 88 Chat Join ... Inbox

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A Little too Soon

18:41 O & Home ✓ r/Personal FinanceCanada r/wallstreetbets u/pancakeplzz • 7h • u/FeelingEbb3019.7h My father has a gambling addiction that he disguises as investing. What should I do? this subreddit Home Hi, I am a 25M and my father (62M) makes an extremely high salary (Approx 600k/year). For the past 10+ years he has been "investing" in the stock market and managed to lose multiple millions of dollars. He ... 486 105 Share |||| 2 I'm leaving you, you're addicted to gambling. Discover all 53% + Create O a I bet I can win you back. Chat s Inbox

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To Each Their Own

What was the kinkiest thing you have done in your life so far? NSFW AskReddit 19.7K Q 4.8K 15h 1 This Cockroach Costume Fashion ATBGE 19.5K Q 229 16h ↑ ↓ 2 IMAGES 个人

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Police Dogs are Changing

Last Week Tonight @LastWeekTonight. 3h LAST WEEK Here's last night's story about crime reporting and WITH JOHN OLIVER two different crime-fighting dogs: kCOnGjvYKIO 4 139 NEON @Neon_woof. 4h He wants to bite you 140 مش + ...

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They Don't Go There

TIL Chipotle only uses legs and thighs from the chicken, while the breasts are sold to Panera Bread IPOT Chipotle Mexican Grill XICA W Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., often known simply as Chipotle, is an American chain of fast casual rest... 134.9K Q 2.1K 10h Trashy Customers are trashy sometimes Photo - EXJULEN andsid CHICKEN S #FH 0000 1499 12.00 ELE

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Times are Tough

ET ...... P At least 52 deaths reported in Turkey earthquake; while over 42 people... The Economic Times 4K views • 1 hour ago peacock GREAS 1:03 "WE LOST PHIL?!" Modern Family | Phil Uses the Earthquake To His Advantage Peacock 1.4M views • 8 months ago 5:02

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Yeah, That

SMARTY ? Home ✓ 3269 r/AskReddit u/Ryanbrowns1 • 4h Home r/noita 18 NSFW What's a fetish that you can never understand? 43856 107 Urine (Transformed) 77 r/alasdow Discover 4194 u/dark_thaumaturge • 3h • Welcome to Lake Piss! Come on in, it's nice and warm! NO 89% 14 Share + Create Share Share ... 20:49 Chat 100% D Inbox : +100 A [] $160

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It Works

r/meirl u/_Dr_A_2h. Meirl Things you can say in both... Math Class Bed 2316 1263 554 Share r/Engineering Students u/Treitsu • 23h Linear Algebra can lick my balls 117 Share Join

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Let me know how this one works.

Who Asked?

T Ask Adam Savage: How Useful Is My Tattoo? Adam Savage's Tested 1.8M views 8 months ago 8:22 WHO ASKED The UGLY Truth Behind Saying "Who Asked" norific 633K views 2 weeks ago D 6:01

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Sorry Kitty

meme r/meirl u/AaronDotCom 4h meirl 64 hi sorry to interrupt ur scrolling but i t. r/tumblr wanted to say that u r beautiful and u deserve happiness no matter what you might think u/LisaBlueDragon • 14h • 8,960 notes 186 9 18 NSFW I am not going to elaborate on this. strangletwink Follow Kitten ill be honest daddy's about to kill himself Share 2 D DI Share : :

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Me too

r/AskReddit Posted by u/Bigfloofyboio • 10h 18 NSFW To the women of Reddit, if you had a dick, what would you do with it? 3805 3651 r/meirl Posted by u/Jimbo072 19h 1 Award meirl april @AprilArson . 26.2k Share if i had a dick i would definitely have tried to see how many donuts i can stack on that bad boy by now 1519 + Share +

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The Recruitment Crisis Gets Worse Every day

Fox Fox News 2:33 AM FOX NEWS BREAKING NEWS: Seven shot at Florida night club slide to view M Monster 2:06 AM We found 7 new jobs that may interest you.

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He Had Every Right

r/news u/Daggmaskar • 12h Man dies after dog steps on rifle, causing it to discharge, Kansas officials say 6983 freshpet u/Freshpet_Official Promoted 1298 ↑ Share Join Dry pellets in my bowl, again?! U know better than that. Gimme the good stuff. Shop Now

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