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15 Times When People Technically Told The Truth

The truth is great and all, but a lot of the time it's not that funny. That's when statements that are technically the truth come in handy! With a technical truth, nobody can accuse you of being a liar and they also can't accuse you of being unfunny. Annoying? Maybe, but that's such a subjective term at the end of the day. Unlike the truth! Or the technical truth. Understand? Good.

If you're looking for examples of things that are technically the truth, look no further than /r/TechnicallyTheTruth, a subreddit that's been collecting examples of things that are technically true for over half a decade. Yeah, they're true, but they're about the lowest-effort truths any functioning human being could come up with, and that makes them ring even truer somehow. Here are some of the most popular recent posts from the board to help you learn how to harness the technical truth for yourself.

Who Among Us Has?

PEDRO PASCAL HAS NEVER STARRED IN A SHOW RATED UNDER 89% ON ROTTEN TOMATOES walterburgess Neither have I... 2 w 3468 likes Reply

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Just A Few More Times

Oh, wow! Hey! What! 12 Off Haircuts w n Off cuts 2² This is going to take FOREVER. cuts

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Counting Is Hard

Fact @Fact-6/21/17 FAC Four is the only number that has the same amount of letters as its actual value. 121 5 canoe NE @Caanoe Tweet Replying to @Fact to? StanleyDodds "sixteen point zero" has 16.0 letters. 280 424 424

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The Air Half Just Doesn't Hit As Hard Though

ruary 2014 4 11 18 25 TECHNICALLY... - AIR Ya H₂O THE GLASS IS ALWAYS FULL.

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Good Job, Ladies

I don't see a single man on this list. Women really won! 2019 Highest Paid Female Musicians: 1. Taylor Swift - $185M 2. Beyoncé - $81 M 3. Rihanna $62M - 4. Katy Perry - $57.5M 5. P!NK $57M 6. Ariana Grande - $48M 7. Jennifer Lopez - $43M 8. Lady Gaga - $39.5M - 2h <

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Africa Moment

@Aliko Dangote Why is everyone spamming nonsense about africa? I will report every single account. 05:42 AM 20-01-2021 Twitter for iPhone 195K Likes م بینتون 12 @raichines 20 janv raichines Replying to @Aliko Dangote Every time a child is born in africa, a mother is no longer pregnant 912 4530 36K Bragança @paulista. 20 jan Replying to @Aliko Dangote in africa, if a person is dead, that means he is not alive

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Sad But True

Wendigoon @Wendigoon8 Christianity: O Criminal Tweets @crim_tweets_. 1d Thread Cameron Bradford @camerobradford We should just pin all the debt in the world to one guy and then kill him 12:21 PM 2/8/21 ...

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Single Childless Teenage Male Moment

Nick C Zachary Chastain It's hard being a single mother, especially "Look up. Get up. Am - Micha when you have no children and are a teenage male.

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Be Your Own Boss, Love Your Job

Madi Warrington @DroptopMadi This is my brother's page. He owns his own company. He IS the boss. He's literally the only employee. Jonathan Warrington 3 hrs I'm thankful to have a great boss! OMPL Complete Termite and Pest Control 3 hrs Congratulations to Jonathan Warrington for being employee of the month! Jonathan will get a 3 day and night all expense paid hunting and fishing trip to Arkansas for his hard work!

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Give This Person All The Points

In an atom, the number of electrons 1 point is equal to: the number of neutrons. the number of electrons. the number of protons.

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But Does He Like Cars 2?

john @mrjohndarby me: how can I impress your dad? gf: he's really into cars me: ok [later] her dad: nice to meet you me: let's talk about pixar's finest movie

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Walking Is For Peasants Though


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It's All About The Lead-Up

AN Tell me a joke using every letter of the alphabet Sure! Here's a silly joke that uses every letter of the alphabet: "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded? There was nothing left but de-brie!"

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Paging Doctor Internet

8. Also remember the "ABC" rule of first aid: A Bone Coming out through the skin is very bad. helth A

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He's Not Wrong Though

Is there anything worse than a Lego for stepping on in the middle of the night? TOP A landmine.

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