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17 Strange And Confusing Ads From That Nobody Can Explain is an online retailer notorious for selling a wide variety of items for dirt cheap. Of course, the items are rarely even close to what you expected. They don't look anything like their photos, they're awful quality, and they're usually created from a particularly weird concept, such as selling sandwich bags full of live worms. Wish isn't exactly the place you go for your daily shopping needs, and when you see ads like theirs, you're even less likely to shop from their online store.

Many of us have not personally shopped from Wish, due to the percieved risks. It's rare that anyone even tries to nowadays, especially with the state of their advertising game. Their infamous ads are so known for their shock value that the subreddit /r/WTFwish is entirely devoted to documenting them. Just know that whatever you order from them will definitely not be what’s pictured in the ad (and sometimes, that’s probably for the best).

Seems legit

Nobody: Wish: $1

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So you can hide from your problems

1/6 € 12,48 - 20,76

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No need for the dentist

Overview Related FULL SET OF TEETH A 11 BEFORE AFTER A 14 viewing now 28PCS/SET Resin Teeth Upper Lower Shade Denture Model Artificial Preformed Dentition Oral Dentist USE (81) Customer Reviews View All A$60 A$11 Buy GST included

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It's called fashion, look it up

Mercari M Sponsored · O List your first item and get $5 to spend on Mercari. $795 $8 I Now Christian Louboutin Install Now Free P Like לו Comment A Share %24

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Its Danny Devito on a Dorito

Details b 总 T-shirt 回2 Danny DeVito Nacho Cheese Flavor 3D Print T-Shirt Trendy Pullover T-Shirt Top 2019 Men/ Ladies £45 £4 Buy

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Only $3 for a dead meme

AT&T * NO 62% 7:51 AM facebook 9. Just now • Sponsored • O Enjoy the much cheaper items sold by Wish. don't miss 60-80% OFF store prices $43 BRUDAHS ME WAE IKNOW DE V Wish Wis OW SHOP NOW O Like Comment A Share || MOTTON

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Definitely effective against COVID

Overview Related Men and Women Quick-drying Sunscreen Washable Zipper Ultra-thin Breathable Mesh Mouth Riding Mask Respirator Reusable Face Masks *** * (29 reviews) $2 Size: Select Size Buy Add to Wishlist

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Don't lie, you want this

Wish - Shopping Made Fun Sponsored Enjoy the much cheaper items sold by Wish. don't miss 60-80% OFF store prices Wish Wish JOW SHOP NOW Like לT Comment Share

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Mr Bean from Wish can't hurt you

Wish - Shopping Made Fun Sponsorisée · O Enjoy the much cheaper items sold by Wish. don't miss 60-80% OFF store prices s cheter Wish Acheter Wish $14 $14 $41

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For the most extreme chickens

Wish Sponsored · ... Enjoy the much cheaper items sold by Wish. don't miss 60-80% OFF store prices $3 irappling Hook $112 Multo une Moolk > Wish Shop Now Wish Funny Chicken Helmet Pet Protec... Shop Now SUV Dedicated

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Fresh from the Suez Canal

wish Sponsored K Hapag-Lloyd 国 SINOTRANS ERANS KKTU T 220 中国邮政 LINE CHINA POST TIR EITU14E1e 401 GREEN Hapag-Lloyd HAI WE CARE. WAN HAI WE CARRY, WE CARE. 中外运一 63

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In trying times, I suppose

Wish - Shopping Made Fun Sponsored · can you wait 15 days for delivery? get 50-90% discounts on today's trending items straZeneca €12 €1 COVID - 19 COVID - 19 COVID - 19 C Coronavirus Coronavirus Vaccine Coronavirus Vaccine Vaccine Va Injection only Injection only Inj Injection only Wish Shop Now Wish O Like Comment A Share

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Not sure what these are for

$8 2/10 Shop Now >

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I kind of want it…

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Speedwagon me... £8.00 Wish

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Only $20 for the former Iraq president

Wish ((M) Gesponsert Können Sie 2 Wochen für die Lieferung warten? Weiterlesen STHED Arn Setp DISEC Dete A Mer Seing OLt se GTHEDIA Wish Former Iraqi leader S... Wish Jetzt kaufen Newest GTMED O Gefällt mir Kommentieren A Teilen $20 $84

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For your toilet snacking needs


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Starting to think Wish might want us dead

O Instagram (M) wish Sponsored Shop Now

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