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20 Absurd Memes From Reddit's Surreal Memes

Who doesn't love memes? But there's many forms of them, one being the surreal art form of memes. Surreal memes have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their unique and innovative approaches to meme creation. Unlike traditional memes that rely on relatable humor or pop culture references, surreal memes take a more abstract and unconventional approach to humor. Surreal memes are characterized by their use of nonsensical and often bizarre imagery, coupled with strange and often incomprehensible captions.

These memes often take inspiration from surrealism, a cultural movement that began in the early 20th century and focused on exploring the subconscious mind through art. Users are encouraged to remix and build on existing memes, resulting in a constantly evolving and diverse collection of content. The popularity of surreal memes has even led to the creation of a new online subculture, with users adopting names like "surrealists" and "meme shamans" to describe themselves. The surreal meme movement has even gained recognition in the art world, with some artists using the format to create installations and exhibitions. Its unique approach to humor has inspired a new generation of meme creators and has helped to establish surrealism as a legitimate form of art and expression in the digital age. So bringing to you some of the best and top-voted memes from /r/surrealmemes from the past month.

Speech 100.

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE My name is Maren Zaerth. I am your answer, the Final Word. Embrace me, so that your story may finally end. I am neither of them. A fitting conclusion to my great indifference. [Submit] Honey the last time I saw something like you, I flushed it. [Intimidate] Unfortunate...I've grown quite fond of living. [Lie]

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Eternal damnation.

< Hi, where are you? B Boss > Understandable. Take as much time as you need. Read 22:22

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Square hole.

why think when you can put him in the square hole? R

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Turn back.

mmmmmmm the past is no place for you traveler. turn back. leave

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Her: "He is probably thinking about other girls" Him: EGG!

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Basic biology.

inhale lemon exhale lime &

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Milkwalker isn't harmful.

EQ PUSH UP MARATON PER SERVING NACK U ONE CUP T GRAMS 28 GRAMS SGRAMS 200mg ROA OLGIN... FON WAND A POSPHORUS...20 25 wees PLANT 60-21 2% DARY Chocolate Lowfat Milk MILKWALKER SAYS: BE SAFE Be sure you know Your full name The address where you live The city you live in Your home telephone number

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What if?

What if. We took a wrong turn on the way to the party?

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When you're trying to be productive, but the time is melting away and all you can focus on is the absurdity of life Hose

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Salted butter.

IF THESE AINT AT THE FUNCTION, IM NOT GOING Biscuit Eternal Damnation Sausage Patty M Salted Butter

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People and animals change too sometimes.

People change

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Being on antidepressants NING bu

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Side-effects of anti-depressants can be weird.

Grandparents are calling.

Hello, is Danny Boy there? Could I ask who's calling?

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Pray for him.

Pay your respects to blue triangle, who has nothing

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Mobius story.

Your story is so one sided.

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RIP toronto.

the lemon party wishes to 17:30 TORONΤΟ

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aeiou K THEE Den

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When the moon speaks, everyone stays silent.

When life gives you lemons


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