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20 Cringeworthy People You Wouldn't Dare To Mess With

On the internet, you can be just about anyone you want to be. Whatever persona you desire and however you want to be perceived can be achieved through comments and posts shared across the web. It doesn't matter if you actually are the way you say you are, who's gonna know? For some people in particular, they just need everyone to know how tough they are. They need everyone to know not to mess with them, and if they do, the result isn't gonna be pretty. These totally tough people have some choice words to say to others and some serious threats to make. They have experience in battling and you better be aware of that. Be careful what you say to them, you might just regret it.

In all honesty, these people likely aren't as threatening as they make themselves out to be. A lot of them are likely kids trying to gain some sort of internet respect. Regardless, it's entertaining to see them try to convince the world of their incredible feats. Reddit users have compiled screen grabs of people being tough online to share with the world. Here are 20 of those very tough, very scary people showing off why you shouldn't even try to mess with them.

Only Takes 20lbs

1 God Emperor Nuke Today at 5:27 PM I haven't worked out in 12 years and I can still knock people out 2 I just wait for their jaws to be open, and knowing you, I wouldn't have to wait long 1 Idc how ripped you are it only takes like 20lbs of pressure to knock someone out 1 5lbs of pressure to tear an ear off! It's like peeling an orange 1

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Don't Mess With This Guy

arender9973 17h @offdaperess dog if any body touches my car, that I pay for monthly, it's off with the head, on god, I'll deal with the consequences later on, I'll even have a shoot out with cops over my car buddy. 8 likes Reply @joshuare won't 19 likes Reply 3 dude shut up no you

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No One Can Have The Same Car as This Guy

1:19 < You don't follow each other on Instagram B View profile 12:12 AM III kill you irl so you having the same car as me doesnt matter in the slightest 1:19 AM

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True Story

I was at a friends house 3 to 4 years ago and didn't know his brother in law was a guy that bullied me in high school. The brother in law thought he knew me but did not remember where? As my friend introduced us I said the brother in laws name and he was shocked! I also at the same time spun him around, put him in a locked sleeper hold and whispered in his ear, I was the paperboy you used to F with! Then I let him go before he went unconscious. The look on his face? PRICELESS! 3w Like Reply 71 this fantastic movie that you just described Like Write a comment... 809 is and where can I see Donly GIF 220

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Major Keyboard Warrior

Dot worry...I got it removed for you so you didn't have to waste anymore video game time. I can also promise you wouldn't want me calling you pathetic to your face. 4-3

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Super Tough Guy

Andrew Tate @Cobratate I was awoken last night by an icy chill and identified a ghost in my prison cell He was terrified and begged me not to annihilate him I sent him back to hell with a message for the demons I am always ready.

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Don't Even Try it

Boost 9:28 PM Don't text Samantha again Her boyfriend. Don't text her again. U dont want a problem with me Idc. Ill make ur life hard kid. My bench is 315 and deadlift is 405 Image via Imgur Im 6'3 and I used to wrestle 2. ill break ur tiny arms @ 12% Whos this? Bro she's my coworker, I just need her to take my shift next week

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Alpha Male

That guy from Texas @Jesse_J... 12h I am a white, conservative, dominant, alpha male. I make no excuses for who I am, what I believe, what I like, or what I want. Nothing will stand in my way. #sonofliberty 18 178 39 ₁15,011

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Miss You Brother

Replying to @Cobratate I miss you tate, I really do 27 ♡27 Replying to @MazenAldous and @Cobratate He's not going to f you. You know that, right? 22 4,115 ♡21 157 بار Replying to @daveyboysmith22 and @Cobratate You know not everyone is gay like u bro, I miss him cuz I love him cuz he is my brother in islam. And trust mate if you were in afront of me you wouldn't dare to say that and you won't. Now disappear before I make u regret the moment you joke with me. 5:52 PM - 07 Mar 23 - 189 Views

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Toughest Guy Around

Comment on 'The WORST Prison On Earth' We should have prison like this. Our ex convicts don't mind going back to prison for the smallest issue. Dude bumped me in a crowded nightclub I'll severely assault him going back to prison ain't nothing to me. I got relatives who were in prison and they sometimes smile when they talk about it. 18 4 :

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Watch Out For This One

9 days ago The government would probably kidnapp me if they knew half of what I was capable of 31 :

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Thug Life

I was a thug before I was a Christian so don't mess with me this David doesn't back down from any Goliath 5 1 comment

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A Nice Throat Punch

** IVOTED Cakeday PurpleHippo664 7 at 10:13 AM. If you have this decal on your car and I see you, don't be surprised when you get a nice throat punch!!! Vaccinate YOUR CROTCH GOBLINS : That's tough talk from someone who's entire family can be taken out by a rusty nail. Like Reply 5h 820

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Buddy's Got a Plan

That guys hand wasn't even tied I'd either suddenly struggle and dash for a door or id turn into f king McGregor and boot everyone in the head then escape out the back door (if u wanna track me down and kidnap me then try to do this to me go for it) I've seen enough McGregor clips and I've learned the spin kick and I'll bang you out ...

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Teaching Them a Lesson

Rinoshild - 26m That brings back a bad memory a kid from school did that to me didn't end well for all six of them Reply 41↓ 6

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You Go Grandma

7h Knowing there's pics of my gma cuddling a mountain lion why would you play w me Like Comment X Send

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Gotta Stand Up For What's Right

if someone can't accept people for who they are, la hate them if they KILL people for being who they are... I'll send them to hell myself Vote

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Replying to Pal thinks he's some kinda wise guy talking smack on Twitter eh? Well you know what we do with wise guys? Act like that in the streets of Bozeman, Montana it's no more mr nice guy buddy we don't fool around 100

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You Get 'em

Open letter to the people who drive in my blind spot for ten miles. They didn't train me to drive this giant ass truck. Sincerely, the guy that could wipe out your entire family in the three seconds it takes to reach for the Doritos bag that fell behind the seat. 54 ↑ Share 109

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Be Prepared

14d A little of both. I was on the subway today minding my own business working with my knife on a new trick and out of nowhere these six thugs came up and where like "hey shitbird " I said " I know you're not talking to me" they said "yeah you with the butterfly knife " anyway I made short work of them. So yes it does happen so by all means be prepared. ↑ 3 ↓ Reply

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