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20 DIY Fails That Prove 'Doing It Yourself' Isn't For Everyone

Usually, it's very difficult to do things on your own. Whether it's a passion project or trying to fix something in the house without having to call an expert, it usually requires a significant amount of time and patience to get things done correctly. However, if you're ever in a position where you feel like you might make a horrible mistake, it's usually best to back off and just let an expert handle it.

Reddit's /r/DiWHY contains hundreds of images of people who didn't call an expert. Rather than seeking a professional to do what they were imagining, they decided to take matters into their own hands, and it usually ends in a disaster. If there's a lesson that can be learned from all the horrendous passion projects we've gathered, it's that maybe some things should be left to the experts.

Jesus Truck?

www. F ONE WAY LIFETIME WARRANTY PL race JESUS 16500 Mancton BJL9227

(Source: Reddit)

Maybe Just Stick To Normal Toilet Paper

4:08 ◄ Google P 9 Washable toilet paper/Family cloth Visit Save Product details 5G O

(Source: Reddit)

Get It Filled With Jelly

(Source: Reddit)

Leave It To The Experts Next Time

We are remodeling our master bath. The mosaic floor is finally finished! We it!!

(Source: Reddit)

What Was The Point Of This?


(Source: Reddit)

There are far too many images of people making their own mosaics.

Ziploc Bag Cap

prise familiale Ziploc

(Source: Reddit)


778c TN 0 平

(Source: Reddit)

Spiked Crocs

V tm crocs

(Source: Reddit)

Ah Yes, A Wooden Fireplace

(Source: Reddit)

Totally not counter-intuitive at all.

Toilet Guitar!!


(Source: Reddit)

Now you can play some tunes while getting your business done.

Who Would Pay Money For This?

34 Handmade Cream Cloud Bedside Tables $70 In Stock Saved by 24 other shoppers Get local delivery. See estimate

(Source: Reddit)

Tesla Model WHY

(Source: Reddit)

Convenient Outlet Placement


(Source: Reddit)

Bejeweled Car


(Source: Reddit)

Rat Genie?

My friend does taxidermy. What's your wish? ↑ 1487 162 ↑ Share + Award

(Source: Reddit)

Pants… Couch?

(Source: Reddit)

Meme Car Mod…

10 75 P80100 40 BO 100 6724 CIVIC 140 100 5148 100 OD Posted in r/Shitty_Car_Mods by u/vastlyCatch A reddit

(Source: Reddit)

Budget Volume Control


(Source: Reddit)

Fine China Toilet

H 元

(Source: Reddit)

Electronic Board Sofa

wwwwwww 1967 Hmowiowan

(Source: Reddit)

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