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20 Images Showing The Terror Of The Recruiting Process

It's a scary world out there. With the cost of living getting higher and higher, the demand for better-paying jobs is getting greater. With this comes a lot of desperate yet unreasonable recruiters. It seems the more desperate companies get for employees, the worst they get at hiring and the more insane they become. Since when did we have to give our social security numbers during the application process? Everyone is getting sick and tired of the hiring process.

From insane interview questions to secret wages, getting a job is just a massive pain these days. Reddit users have come together in the subreddit /r/recruitinghell to collect the worst of the job-seeking and hiring process. Here are 20 times employers just went a little overboard with their requirements, questions and compensation. If you relate to any of these, stay safe and good luck out there.

Then They Never Call Back

How I dress How the for my job interview: interviewer dresses: DO WAS AM

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You Snooze You Lose

Application Operations Manager United States (Remote) 42 minutes ago 58 applicants $115,267.45/yr - $133,626.56/yr. Full-time 1,001-5,000 employees is hiring for this job See how you compare to 53 applicants. Try Premium for free Skills: Application Development, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), +6 more Job poster joined LinkedIn in 2013 No longer accepting applications.

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Not a chance.


10:02 31 ← Go Cougs! TODAY 8:27 AM * * * | 65% : Hey I hope you aren't connected with the Idaho murders... but we can figure that out during the background check haha! Such a sad story :( Anyways I wanted to see if you'd consider a cutting-edge opportunity as a Python Engineer with Nike in their Application space covering the following specs! You'll be able to self-direct your own work while staying collaborative with architects, analysts, product specialists, and other software engineers You'll be in a cloud environment maintaining RESTful API communication during the build and deployment phase You'll be able to reinforce enaineerina. enhance productivitv. +

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Really Though

High School School Name City State Did you graduate? College School Name City State Did you graduate? Degree Major In my resume It's also in the resume Yes No In my resume Why did u ask for a resume Yes No Haha still attending It actually says it in the resume o CA CA

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Why did you even want it then.

Great Opportunity

Re: HCL Hiring: Service Desk, δΈͺ Location: Remote Cc/Bcc, From: Subject: Re: HCL Hiring: Service Desk, Location: Remote Oh man! That sounds amazing! I definitely want to take my 12 years in IT and rewind it all back to an entry level position. The huge pay cut would be so cool. Please, send me ALL the information about this terrible opportunity!

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"I am available weekday evenings" made with mematic Recruiters calling in the middle of the workday

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The Worst Username Password workday. Sign In

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What is your social security number List all methods, techniques, equipment and computer software applied

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Turn back now.

Why Hide it


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It's Not Right

How to chill out: If you're stressed about finding a job after college because you don't have a ton of work experience, you can breathe now. Hiring managers aren't expecting you to have a degree, years of relevant work experience, multiple awards and accolades, and a Nobel Peace Prize right after graduation. They just want to see that you have what it takes to be successful. every job posting on LinkedIn I disagree.

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to me. Hello> Unsubscribe Thank you for submitting your resume for the Endpoint Security Engineer opportunity. We have a narrow salary range for this role. So, to save you time can you please send me the lower end of your salary requirements? I look forward to speaking with you! View message View Nicole's Linkedin profile TIP You can respond to Nicole by replying to this ema

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Red Flag

The owner o s a very demanding boss and occasionally loses his temper. Please explain why this would be something you would be ok with. Explain below why you can prioritize this job above all aspects of your life right now?

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Meet the hiring team . 2nd HIRING Leading Job poster 1 mutual connection Crypto/WEB3/Blockchain/NFT recruitment Marketing Community Manager Remote (Europe) $150-$200k depending on experience. Payment in Stablecoin Our client is a leading Web 3.0 incubator and advisor that works with solve industry challenges and to create strong competitive advantage for a Marketing/Community Manager to join their team and take chan and community activities for their projects. The ideal candidate will ha marketing/community experience, strong communication skills, and a of the luxury goods industry.

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job interviews NDISH SCHOOTIN What's your desired salary? What's the job pay?

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For Realz

Additional Questions Did you read the job post?* Yes Are you sure you read the job post?* Yes For realz, it took a long time to write. Did you read the whole job post?* Yes Submitting this application won't change your LinkedIn profile. Application powered by LinkedIn | Help Center Back 67% Review

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Super professional.

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