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20 Literature Memes To Remind You That Reading Isn't So Bad

If you used to love books but don't anymore, you're not alone. Many of us never read a book after high school (or during high school, to be honest), but that doesn't mean books are bad. In fact, there are lots of memeable moments in classic literature, as well as plenty of writers that deserve to be joked about. Whether you love literature or hate it, here are 20 memes for you.

Rained In

Creating a humanoid monster Viktor Frankenstein Getting rained in at the bathhouse

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I Relate to Dostoevsky

Pushkin Lermontov Gogol Turgenev Goncharov Dostoevsky Tolstoy Chekhov Bunin Gorky Bulgakov Nabokov

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Do You?

You might respect the p is, but do you Honoré de Balzac French novelist Overview Books Movies gone_awol_now

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Doctor Faustus

the spirit i accidentally summoned during tatin class while reading Dr. Faustus Me asking what this sentence mean

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Another One, Because We All Hate Victor

The creation that you dropped out of school for and worked on for A hideous abomination years Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. Victor Frankenstein They're the same picture.

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His Favorite Word


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Classy yet Childish

18:26 A lithub.com LIT HUB Lord Byron used to call William Wordsworth "Turdsworth," and yes, >> this is a real historical fact. By Olivia Rutigliano January 14, 2020, 2:15pm Excellent news for this bleak Tuesday, friends: the Romantic poets used to make fun of one another using (what else?) the

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2B Or Not 2B

This is Shakespeare's actually chewed pencil. It's so chewed, I can't tell if it's 2B or not 2B.

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Brave New World

No one: Brave New World: "A bunch of hookers and cocaine." %3D POWERBALL PRIZE INCREASES TO $500 imgflip.com

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The Great Gatsby

The hotel scene: Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby Nick and Jordan

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter Harry Potter if Hagrid and Tom Riddle threw hands after Tom snitched

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NY PO America Russia banning 1984 for being banning 1984 for being Russian American propaganda propaganda

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The Metamorphosis

Why aren't ya going to work, son

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2020 in Book Titles

2020 summed up in book titles GREAT EXPECTATIONS CHARLES DICKENS A Series of Unfortunate Events NOWA NETFLIX WINNER of the NOBEL PRIZE ONE HUNDRED YEARS Far From the OF SOLITUDE Madding Crowd SELE NEW

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A Quote by Tolstoy

All great literature is one of three stories: a man goes on a journey, a stranger comes to town, and Godzilla vs Megashark - Leo Tolstoy

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"The Tell-Tale Heart"

Have you seen Eeyore? He's been missing for days. EDGAR ALLAN POOH Hu THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA 21-16-11 w/HARRIS IZANNOCOMIC D

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Lady MacBeth

I think I'm really going to like our district's new English teacher. NOURH LIKE NOU MADE NOUR Alliance Welcome STOP Meax wat i ll k ka yu sa come in. Trans you HUSBAND KILL THE KING AND YOU CANT GET THE BLOOD OFF made with mematic

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HP Lovecraft's Problematic Stories

H.P. Lovecraft Minorities H.P. Lovecraft PIC•COLLAGE

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swagpizza what do you get when you mix alcohol and literature? ambiants tequila mockingbird flailing-nerd F. scotch Fitzgerald theoffwhiterabbit Ernest Hemingway

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Poe's Death

Edgar Allan Poe A comfortable life earned from your writing skills Dying in a gutter a depressed alcoholic

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