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20 Memes By Redditors Auditioning For A Better Subreddit

Reddit has a lot of communities for memes. Some are very similar, and some are catered around a certain niche. But almost all of them have restrictions on the amount of karma a Redditor needs in order to post there. These karma thresholds are there to prevent spam, but they also prevent a lot of meme creators with newer accounts from having an opportunity to share their content. That's where the subreddit /r/SpecialSnowflake comes in.

This sub is devoted to sharing the memes of the many users who don't have enough karma to post elsewhere, particularly /r/memes and /r/dankmemes. Because of the nonexistent karma restrictions, the content on this sub varies widely from great to mediocre. Based on these memes, would you grant these users access to posting on /r/memes? Let's take a look at some of their most notable content on the subreddit.

Next Up: Bitcoin

Putin: Introduces new golden backed ruble Actual ruble: made with mematic

(Source: Reddit)

They "Fear for Civilians," Huh?

NEWS Taliban Call for Russia- Ukraine Peace, Say They Fear for Civilians We were bad, but now we're good

(Source: Reddit)

It's a bit of a stretch to believe these guys are concerned for the welfare of civilians.

My Plantsure

Vegans after saying nice to meat you instead of nice to plant you:

(Source: Reddit)

Making Good Decisions

med No it doesn't affect my baby 50 +32 GB Memory Card DF Studio 5 2.1 MB 3.7 **** 285 D Deme INSTALL D 12 years later

(Source: Reddit)

This Redditor is probably aiming to end up on /r/Dogelore.

And So, the Cycle Continues

14 year Tiktok girls belike #Save Afghanistan O #Save Ukraine I don't want to play with you anymore

(Source: Reddit)

We Are Adorable

Wälf @hupstory this dog got the venom symbiote

(Source: Reddit)

So Close

[Deleted] made with mematic Me desperately looking for help through old Reddit forums

(Source: Reddit)

The Quality of Puns Is Deflating

Wanted: a man has been stealing wheels of police cars Police are working tirelessly to catch him LAREDO POLICE 911 THE GUY WHO WROTE THE ARTICLE:

(Source: Reddit)


What Americans think America would be without illegal immigrants: America without illegal immigrants:

(Source: Reddit)

Bald eagle screeches in the distance.

Oh No

Cosplayed as Charlie Chaplin Forgot the hat

(Source: Reddit)

Here's a Few More, While You're At It

Yeah I guess I could handle 3 months at sea NAVY: +4

(Source: Reddit)

Accurate Depiction of Birth

Babies Born Normally: C-Section Babies:

(Source: Reddit)

Disturbing the Peace

The cockroaches in the kitchen when my fat ass is getting a 3am snack

(Source: Reddit)

From That NFT Giveaway on /r/Memes Six Months Ago

People who declined the free nft made with mematic People who claimed the free nft Me who didnt even get the option

(Source: Reddit)

Common Misunderstanding

You finally get the Minecraft book for Christmas The name is spelled wrong and the entire book is written in German

(Source: Reddit)

Cute Subwoofer

Me: Mom can we get a subwoofer? Mom: We have a subwoofer at home. Subwoofer at home:

(Source: Reddit)

He's a Little Confused

Someone smoking a pipe MON The plumbers wondering why they're inhaling poop

(Source: Reddit)

We're All Millionaires

I'm a millionare in ruble

(Source: Reddit)

Negative Sleep

Scientists: students should sleep 8-10 hours a day Schools: 8-10 - 2

(Source: Reddit)

He's Reached Enlightenment

r/AskReddit Posted by u/Consideration Glad8540 da If the USA is so great, why did we create the USB? made with mematic THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE He later ascended

(Source: Reddit)

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