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Dogelore is a subreddit dedicated exclusively to memes about Doge and related dog characters within the so-called "Doge lore" such as Walter, Perro, Cheems, Swole Doge and others. Created by /r/okbuddyretard founder Kirbizia in 2018, the subreddit accumulated over 200,000 subscribers in two years and is one of the major hubs of Doge memes online.


On August 15th, 2018, Redditor[1] Kirbizia, founder of popular subreddits /r/bonehurtingjuice, /r/okbuddyretard and others, created /r/dogelore. The purpose of the subreddit was to redirect Doge memes dominating the /r/okbuddyretard subreddit at the time to another subreddit in an attempt to diversify /r/obr's content.

Since its creation and in the following years, the /r/dogelore subreddit formed the titular "Doge lore," introducing new dog meme characters, both original and borrowed elsewhere, and establishing certain relationships between them, both non-canon and canon within the Doge lore. Some of the earliest introduced Doge lore characters besides Doge are Walter and Perro (also known as Quieres).

On November 25th, 2018, /r/Dogelore[6][7] Discord server was created, with the link being set to at some point in 2019. On February 5th, 2019, Dogelore Wiki[8] was created on FANDOM, collecting information about Doge lore characters and events.


While initially focused on ironic memes featuring exlusively Doge, more dog meme characters were introduced starting in 2018, including Walter, Perro, Lil' Bro, Karen Doge, Swole Dog, Cheems and many others. In addition to the staple "wacky dog does uncharacteristic thing" ironic Doge format, /r/dogelore has been adopting popular meme formats from /r/okbuddyretard, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and iFunny, recreating viral memes and commenting on current affairs with Doge lore characters.

It's your, not "you're" You're new glasses look nice You can see the words I'm saying? I told you they were good HMMM YES, I CAN'T WAIT TO IMPROVE THE MENTAL HEALTH OF MY PATIENTS Ph BY EMBARRASING THEM ON NATIONAL TELEVISION the whole sand walking away while You tie your shoes that one bro Waiting for you

Post titles used by /r/dogelore users often follow the le X has arrived formula.


In four months following its creation, /r/dogelore[2] accumulated 1,000 subscribers by November 13th, 2018.

The subreddit experienced rapid growth during 2019, reaching 30,000 subscriber milestone on April 14th, 2019,[3] 50,000 subscribers by June 10th[4] and 100,000 subscribers by November 14th, 2019.[5]

In late June 2020, /r/dogelore reached the 200,000 subscribers mark. The /r/dogelore Discord server had over 13,400 members at that time.

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in reply to Douk

Oops, accidentally upvoted. Well, since I'm here…

No, Wojaks exist for the sole purpose of mocking people and reducing them and their entire viewpoints to a dumb face that can be smugly shoved at them like "ha ha, this is you". They purely exist to satisfy people who get a rush from belittling others and making themselves feel superior.

Dogelore, on the other hand, is just people having fun by making dumb jokes. Yes, they are dumb and most aren't very funny. But like… so? If you don't enjoy them, you're allowed to have that opinion or voice your displeasure. But no matter how unfunny a harmless joke is, how can it ever be WORSE than something that's explicitly intended to be malicious??

That's mainly a rhetorical question, since I don't want a huge argument to erupt over this. I wouldn't have said anything if KYM let you retract accidental votes like most sensible sites do.


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