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20 Of The Best Memes of February From Reddit's 'Dank Memes'

If you've been on the internet for long enough, you probably know by now that two things primarily run it. Memes and cats, and sometimes even memes of cats. As the years go by the sheer amount of memes that are shared across the internet increase exponentially, and whatever trendy memes would be trendy for a month or so a few years ago would probably die off in less than a week now. Times have changed, and so have our memes, but if you're looking to keep track of what's trending, this is the article for you.

It's probably tough to keep up with the hottest and funniest memes that are on the internet as of late, but sites like Reddit definitely make things much easier for us. One immensely popular subreddit in particular, /r/DankMemes, is a depository for the funniest and dankest memes that are on the internet. We've collected some of the best from the past month for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy!

We've All Been There

alalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala My dad putting his credit card info to buy me legos 10yo me

(Source: Reddit)

My Money's On Mr. Electric

WHO WOULD WIN? MCU M.O.D.O.K. Mr. Electric

(Source: Reddit)

Yeah That Seems Logical

I BREATHE AIR FOR YOU. I FILTER WASTE FOR YOU. STONETOSS.COM I PUMP BLOOD FOR YOU. How do you know that this fetish is disgusting, we have to try it first

(Source: Reddit)

No Thanks

Anti-Russia activitists thanking me for boycotting Atomic Heart Me not buying the game because it doesn't look good

(Source: Reddit)

Ain't Gonna Happen

Human Hair Smallest object 3D printed in history Chances of me downloading Raid: Shadow Legends

(Source: Reddit)


2D 3D It doesn't matter if one is real. It's not like you're getting together with either one.

(Source: Reddit)

I Guess Self-Made Means Something Else

Jeff Bezos grew up in challenging conditions His parents invested more than $250,000 in that new company He started his new company in a small garage

(Source: Reddit)

I Love Advertisments!

Youtube after showing me two unskippable 30sec ads right after the video sponsor segment which was preceded by two unskippable 30sec ads $0 $ $0.

(Source: Reddit)

They Even Gave Us Cool Pens!!!

Me working hard because the CEO called us family and scheduled a pizza party

(Source: Reddit)

If It Works On TV It Must Work In Real Life!

See! Last of Us shows how a communist society could work! T 기 기 Didn't they have strict border enforcement and breaking the rules would basically be a death sentence? Exactly... / ㄹ

(Source: Reddit)

Real Life Wojaks


(Source: Reddit)


2013: Discovering amazing channels and songs from YouTube recommendations 2023: Getting recommended the same videos I just watched 22

(Source: Reddit)

New Meta Just Dropped

Girlfriend's parents to my gf: He's just using you for sex Me coming to my gf's house so I can connect to their wifi and keep using her parents' Netflix account: I assure you, our intentions are strictly honorable

(Source: Reddit)

Where Did The Time Go?

圓 Golfing Resort We're having a baby! PewDiePie 407K views 37 minutes ago 1:31

(Source: Reddit)

Ah Yes Let Me Bust Out The Good Ol' Brittanica

Gen Zers: "I remember!" Millennials explaining the rise of Cellphones and the internet as it happened. NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!

(Source: Reddit)

Professionals Have Standards

Yea I use Hi-Res Al conversion to enhance the quality of old meme templates. How could you tell? O

(Source: Reddit)

What A Group

When all the players in a Grand Theft Auto online server meet up together: FABULS NA ON DEN

(Source: Reddit)

We Love Open Communication!

Dude can't even remember what he did wrong 7 years ago SIMP! SIMP! He doesn't deserve you Queen! Y'all won't last anyway Wtf? he should already know by know He should've noticed the signs smh! I directly tell my man what I want and don't want

(Source: Reddit)

Get Back To Your Energy Pod!

Meanwhile, in the future: Ong fam this 30 minutes of fresh air and sunlight you allow us to have is bussin af fr fr, no cap 20 Silence, mortal

(Source: Reddit)

Hate When That Happens!

When the food is so good that you burn your tongue while eating it, and now you can't taste any of it for the rest of the meal:

(Source: Reddit)

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